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Bris - Another one joins the herd....

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by toodles, Mar 31, 2005.

  1. Hello, thought I'd put up a post and say hi. Like a thousand other people here I've just completed my Q-Ride course (thanks RideSmart) and am now driving my friends and family crazy as I shop for a new bike.

    Originally I'd intended to get a naked 250 because I've got very limited riding experience but I've started leaning towards the Suzuki GS500 (the bike I completed my test on) because it's around the same price as the 250s anyway. So anyway, a couple of questions...

    1) Do 2nd hand bikes bought from a dealer carry any kind of warranty?

    2) Will $200 cover a decent jacket?

    3) Will people point and laugh at my Suzuki :)

  2. Welcome to the madness, have fun and stay safe
  3. Welcome toodles :)

    1) Dunno, I'll let someone else handle that one.

    2) Possibly secondhand, def not new.

    3) Hell yeah!

  4. 1. depends on where in the country you are
    2. only just, if you can stretch the budget a little further you will do ok
    3. I know I would not
  5. You're a liar scumbag :p
  6. Whoops *updates profile* QLD, Australia...

    No worries, don't mind spending a bit more if it's worth it.
  7. A skin graft will cost somewhat more than $200. Dollars hurt, but bitumen hurts more.
  8. My Rjays leather jacket cost about $220 or so, it's basic but tough and wears well. Some of their new gear looks quite nice, check out the catalogue in the new Two Wheels mag. Don't skimp on saftey gear, you *will* regret it if you have to rely on cheap shit to protect you.
  9. as a springwood resident (hi neighbor :p)
    1.Be very very careful who you buy your bike from
    2. Spend a bit more, and you'll get something better
    3. Yep I promise to laugh

    You got an open licence, why don't you get something that won't be bore you as quickly as the Suzuki?
  10. 1) not unless they say so. get potential bikes checked out if your not certain yourself of how good they is

    2) yep, check your PM fella 8)

    3) yep, but at least its not a goddamn across :LOL:

    seriously, you'll be heaps happier on a GS500 or similar than a little 250 sportsbike. check out all these bikes (and anyone feel free to add to this list)
    Bandit 400
    honda bros

    there are others in the same size range, but these are all naked semi sports bikes. the XJR and bandit are my picks but they're a bit racier than the others so might not suit you.
  11. Heck I'd love to but so many folks have told me I'd kill myself riding a bigger, faster bike. Plus insurance is a killer. Coming from years of racing downhill mountain bikes most of my friends think I'll ride the same on road as I do off-road so i'm trying to prove them wrong by not getting squished.

    Coconuts - cheers for the link and I'll check out some of those other bikes as well.
  12. Welcome aboard :D

    Stay safe and have fun

    Lisa :twisted:
  13. Welcome dude.

    Dollars hurt, but bitumen hurts more. Scum bag said it well.

    I'd laugh at your suzuki, but then I'd realise I'd be a complete hypocrite and shut up :D
  14. Welcome Toodles - Enjoy!
  15. Re: Another one joins the herd....

    1. all depending on the price and age to the warranty , but make sure you get it written into your sales contracr the terms of the warranty in the box down the bottom .

    2. if you get a jacket that they are trying to get rid of , last years style etc , or they have new seasons stock .
    but you are looking for a jacket (dri -rider type) with body armour around $250-300

    3. everyone starts somewhere (so dont worry and enjoy your time riding ) , unless you are trying to drag me at the lights other wise i promise i wont laugh .
  16. be afraid,
    be very afraid
    netrider is contagious.......

    welcome :applause: :applause:
  17. G'day toodles... welcome and enjoy

    I know down here in Tas there is no enforced warranty on second hand bikes from a dealer, but I haggled one as part of the (3 month on engine) and two services.

    worked for me.