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[bris] advanced/defensive riding courses

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by Lobsta, Aug 27, 2008.

  1. so, for those of you avidly following my story, my parents have agreed to gimmee a loan, on ONE condition.

    i have to do an advanced/defensive riding course with the money that i saved from not having to pay establishment fees and interest. fair call, and i was intending on doing the same.

    one thing that they stipulated was that it cant just be riding, that they want it to be part "sit down" and watch gorey videos and learn "defensive driving" theory as well as advanced road craft. Is there one/s that fit this bill? if there isnt, which courses do people think are overall the best as far as preparing me for not being smushed?

  2. Don't know whats available in Brisbane but HART and Stay Upright are very good, mostly riding with bit of theory.
  3. yeah stay upright at Mt Cotton have a very good reputation. is the one i'll be doing once i can save some more pennies :) they have theory and practice.
  4. They won't show you *gorey* videos

    But if you want gorey.. Want to see the pics of the girl who was my best mate in hospital in ICU with 14 different machines hooked up? Or want me to tell you about how her heart stopped while I was in there visiting her? Or about how many operations she's had?? Or how about letting you know she was doing 20kmh on a 250cc bike when she crashed??

    Or about the guy who I did first aid on at a bike accident and how he was screaming in pain?? How scary that is because you don't know how seriously they're hurt.. how terrified you are at what you can't see??

    A video won't make you understand that.

    Stay Upright do a course that involves theory at night and course during the day, but like I said, they won't show you gorey video's.
  5. ...Was she hot?

    Yes, I know that's a horrible and tasteless joke, and I know I'm going to hell for it...
  6. I did the Stay Upright course at Mt. Cotton about a year ago. The theoy session is really good and worth going to. The first part of the day is basically the same as the qride sessions. Because i had recently done qride i found them the least helpful part of the day, but that isn't saying it was bad. The exercises were designed more toward the "experienced" rider relearning the basics. But you won't be bored. We all got a laugh at the harleys knocking over the witches hats with their massive saddle bags and low ground clearance.

    The second part of the day was gold. You split into groups of 7ish and do laps of their closed road cuircut. THe instructor shows you the correct lines and body positioning and gives you one-on-one attention for a few laps.

    I learnt alot. I think the theoy was equally as useful in the real world as the practical session, so don't skip it.
  7. There is a cornering course at Willowbank, and Gold Coast City Council do a SMART course for $45, but there might be a long waiting list!