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Bringing the Parentals around...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by MattExa, Jul 26, 2006.

  1. Some of you may remember that I got knocked off my bike by a stupid cager nearly a year ago - almost got killed and spent a month in hospital and all that. :(

    Anyways I feel now is the time to hit the road again on a new bike (been looking at the '06 GSX-R600), BUT my old lady is totally against it. She's been carrying on that I should see the error of my ways and be mindful that I've been given a second chance at life. :? I'm a student so I still live at home, but apparently I'll be homeless if I bring home another beastly two-wheeled coffin! :eek:

    Personally, I don't remember the collision and much of the hospital stay so I don't have any problem with riding again. However, my family and girlfriend do remember all of the crap I went through, so I can also understand where they are coming from. My girlfriend was totally cool with my old bike but since discussing a new bike, she's been fretting and worries that I'll get cleaned up again. We've discussed the statistics of bike injuries compared to other sports/activities and she knows I always gear up and ride to the conditions, but still no luck. :oops:

    Help me Dr. Phil!!! What should I do??

    I love riding too much to give it up, plus my car is about to cark it so I need to replace it with something... How can I bring everyone around to my point of view? :grin:

  2. Sounds like you're caught between a rock and a hard place.
    If the choice is between owning a bike and paying rent or living at home, it's not much of a choice really. Particularly if you're a student (ie have very little income).
    Plenty of time to get a bike later.
    Or if you're super keen to get back on two wheels just get a dirt bike and ride that for a while till your parents come around.
  3. I think thats your answer mate. Your hooked. No two ways about it.

    But yeah i totally understand that the people close to you are less than thrilled about the idea of you getting back on a bike.

    Perhaps you just need to give them time to get used to it again, dont rub it in their faces for a while. Maybe even try and get the girl interested in Scooters or something that might make her more "friendly" towards two wheelers? I dont really know, just thinking out loud is all.

    good luck with it mate.
  4. Mmm, thats a hard one.
    i think you just have to show them how happy it makes you. You can always play up the - it knocked me off, now I have to get over my fear and get back on- speech.
    Goodluck with it
  5. Oh yeah I also have a race treadly and nobody has a problem with me going down the road at 60km/h wearing only shorts, a singlet and a foam hat! Go figure...
  6. Is the threat real? Will you really be out on your bum? Or does it just reflect how bad they feel about it all?

    I can understand both sides. I never spent anytime in hospital (just A&E) and the look on my mums face when she came to pick me up the 2nd time sort of stayed with me for a long time. Mind you, it didn't stop me from getting on a bike again.

    Even now, some 20yrs later, it's something we don't discuss. When they were here last year, they looked at the bike, looked at the track day photo's and said 'thats nice'.

    In the end of the day, it is your decision.
  7. Well I can understand my mum's stress as she lost both parents and a sister last year, and that is enough for anyone I think... At the same time, she needs to realise that the risk is very slight, even though it is there. I just haven't found the best way to do it yet.
  8. I spend a lot of my time in Mt. Waverley at my girly's place, I'll come around and we can have a go at your folks as a combined force ;)
  9. My older brother was nearly killed in a bike stack a few years back and got away with a serious (but thankfully not perminant) brain injury, then my mum attempted to put a blanket ban on any of her children owning / using or having access to a bike.

    I have got around this, by not telling her that I have a bike. I don't live at home and I don't take the bike round there, as to not rub it in.

    Sometimes I think its no-one elses business if I own a bike, but as your family may feel (and as we did with my bro) it is a bastard living with someone that has a serious injury, especially when they don't realise how bad it was/is !!

    I guess if you really want one then get it and if that means that you need to move out then so be it. But try and keep it as an amicable deal with the folks and your missus.
  10. I spend a lot of my time in Mt. Waverley at my girly's place, I'll come around and we can have a go at your folks as a combined force ;)
  11. Good to hear you are fighting fit again. I havnt been around long and dont know the extent of your injuries or the crash but to hear that your still keen on getting out there again is good. Must have been pretty serious to have been in hospital for a month.

    I guess what you've got to ask yourself is if you want to put your family through that again. Having been in a similar situation but on a much smaller scale, I know that having an "off" teaches you a lesson in terms of what not to do again. It also lets you know what strain it puts on your family and its something you dont want to put them through again. In that regard you can have that in the back of your mind every time you ride, lowering the limits to how fast/aggressive you ride. Perhaps thats something you could tell them.
  12. And with less breaking power, and less aceleration to get out of the way of trouble, and a smaller less visible object, and without a bloody big light at teh front...

    This is the argument i would go with.
  13. If you want to go the softly softly approach you could try suggesting a compromise.

    Start with "I understand now that bikes can be dangerous and that's why I'm going to do an advanced riding course as soon as I get the bike"

    Continue with comments along the lines of "I realise that after some time off the road my skills will be rusty and that's why I've taken your advice to heart and decided against the super sporty GSRX600R and instead decided for a more touring orientated *implies less dangerous* <insert bike of choice, say ER6 for eg>"

    End with something like "I respect your opinions but I am adult and this is my decision"

    Even if they won't go for it then you now have the moral high ground as you have offered the 'reasonable compromise' and they turned it down (and are now the intransigent ones).
  14. same :( :? and i think my olds are serious :shock: :roll:
  15. Just ask them how many people they know who have been injured or killed in a car accident. Then ask them if the threat applies if you get a car, and if not, why not?
    If you have enough money to buy a brand new bike, you have enough money to vote with your feet should the time come.

    Regards, Andrew.
  16. My oldies-mainly me Ma, said if I ever get a bike,Im oot [-X ! She was a nurse,so consequently has seen 1 too many brain dead bikers ](*,) from accidents.I eased her into the idea by trail riding for 7 years.It worked,tho she still complains to this day. I always swore I would never ride on the road in dem early days,13 years of roadbikes later,eeh,wotchagonnadu.
  17. If you can afford a gixxer you can afford rent.

    If you can't afford both, you can live without a bike.
  18. Your an adult, more importantly you only get one shot at life and i can tell you now, if i had never ridden a road bike i would not have acheived all my goals when i die.

    Work towards what you want and take opportunities when they come along.
    Regret nothing.

    Your girlfriend and parents are right to worry, my wife and parents do every time i jump on the bike.
    They also realise the enjoyment it gives me far outways the potential risk of death or serious injury.

    Dont succumb to illness or fatal accident without having done the things that you enjoy.
    Life is far too short.
  19. As far as being able to afford to rent, I've saved since last year for the bike. However, I won't be working full time for another year now which is when I graduate. I've moved out and rented before and I know how much it costs, and that is exactly why they gave me the ultimatum - I can't afford to rent if I buy the bike, and I won't need to rent if I don't :?

    I guess I just need a way to explain how the benefits outweigh the risks... :wink:
  20. The problem is solved, with a simple compromise!

    Get yourself back on the road, on a 50cc scooter. Your family will say, "Oh, it's so cute, no harm could come of it!" and you'll be back on two wheels, man! :p

    Have you checked out the Honda Today?