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Bringing the band to Melbourne

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by edgelett, Jun 5, 2008.

  1. Hey all,

    well my band's EP 'Beginnings' will be out at the end of July, and we're keen to come over to Melbourne for some shows. We're looking at booking something in September & while i've already received some invaluable advice from Mr Loz, am keen to get some input from you all on recommended venues to play at, and bands we might be able to organise some shows with?

    We'll be driving over in 2 station wagons so we'll have all our own gear (we dont like using other people's stuff cause we're anal lol).

    if anyone can recommend some people I can get in touch with to tee something up, that would rock.


  2. As long as it's not the last week of September you may be able to organise a gig at Ballarat Uni on the way through.

    Other place to try in Ballarat would be here.

    Used to be a couple of other places that were great for live bands to but they've closed. Unfortunately overpriced nightclubs with a "best of currently popular mainstream crap" CD seem to get all the crowds.
  3. thanks for that JD -that would kick arse actually, play Ballarat on the friday then melbourne on the saturday!
  4. Yeah we often get a few bands stopping here on the way through from, or to, Adelaide. Some shows have actually been quite good due to a relatively small crowd/venue which gives some bands a chance to relax and maybe try something new.
  5. Edge, have a look at www.melband.com.au

    It's the local muso's online gathering place and you should find where local original/independent bands are gigging.

  6. Yeah good point Rob. Edgie, find a few band's contact numbers and ring 'em up. Tell 'em you love their sound and see if you can get in on any gigs they're doing around that time. It makes them feel important, coz you called THEM out of all the bands in Melb, and they'll be much more likely to help you out if you blow some wind up their arses.

    I wouldn't be expecting the trip to pay for itself though, every original rock gig I've done (apart from ones we've promoted our arses off for) has been for petrol money pretty much, and that's petrol for a 10k drive, not a 1000k drive!
  7. can't help you out tash but will start thinking about a baby-sitter well in advance. keep us posted on your gigs. c x
  8. Another punter here Tash. Just say when and where.
  9. Me too!
  10. LMAO - you crack me up mate.

    last gig i did I was DOWN by $32 at the end of the night cause we got paid $11 total for the gig and we got parking tickets! lmao.

    nah we play original music cause we love it, not cause it will make us rich.

    thanks for all the encouraging words guys, i'll be sure to keep you posted on upcoming shows!
  11. You have to play The Evelyn on Brunswick St. Also see how you go with a gig at The Espy (Esplanade) in St Kilda. :cool:
  12. The espy is still going? (Just kidding)...

    I'd even think about a drive down.... :p
  13. Make sure you let us know so Clairebear and I can catch up with you :)
  14. The list I gave her was:

    - Espy
    - Prince of Wales
    - Armadale
    - Evelyn
    - Ding Dong lounge
    - Tote

    Where else do original indy rock bands play in Melb? There must be 300 venues for this type of stuff, I'm just too old and grumpy to go to them these days.
  15. What about your place, grumpyLoz?
  16. The Armadale's dead and buried years ago Lozzo. They went under because I stopped drinking there. :wink:

    What about the lounge in Chapel, is that still a goer?
    And there use to be a good venue around the corner in High St. Capt Spalding and Co use to have regular gigs. I can't remember the name of the place cos I would go there after the Arme'.

    :edit: actually it's probably shut down too after i stopped drinking there.
  17. Revolver on Chapel St! Can't believe I forgot that one! :cool:
  18. Of course, revolver would be perfect. 'Cept for the drummer. That flight of stairs don't look so hot when you're carring a hardware case, I can tell ya.

    Cheffie, there's plenty of bars out there that would hire your Captain Spaldings etc. whose clientele would flee in terror if somebody struck an original chord and denied them their "shits of the 80s." We're talking grassroots indie rock venues.

    On the Captain Spalding note, I've heard rumours around the biz that he's wanted for murder in South Africa. And to watch the bloke perform, you wouldn't doubt it for a second.
  19. :LOL: I was trying to think of quality venues from my miss-spent youth, not quality bands (I only ever went and saw them once I tells ya) I did however see another coverband regularly that was just as bad. :oops:

    If it's for murdering songs and good taste, then he's going to do a looong stretch.
  20. Corner Hotel? - Richmond