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Bringing a USA bike into Oz

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by BIWOZ, Feb 19, 2008.

  1. Briefly, my bro-in-law is a septic. He has an Aussie residency visa. He can bring a bike into Oz next time he comes in (Jan 09).

    He has a choice of two to bring:

    BMW K1200LT


    "Old Geezer" Harley Electraglide

    Both are just a couple or three years old.

    After he's done touring around here, he intends to sell the bike. Assuming all is okey-doke with the relevant authorities, which do you think would be the better choice to bring in? For resale, the Harley's nudging ahead at present, but my heart says BMW Thumbs up!

    What would you choose ... and why??

    (For those of you who frequent Two Wheels, yes, I did ask the question there. My B-I-L has asked me to canvass as many people as I can. Mods, if this is a no-no, just dump this post.)
  2. Well which would you like to buy from your BIL?
  3. I think you may find that selling it here is a problem. To remain in the country the bike needs government import approval which requires the U.S. title (the title presumably would not be a problem). Without that the bike can only be sold in parts and can NEVER be registered in Australia. He can bring it out and use it on holiday but must either take it back or scrap it! An import approval is much easier to get on an older bike (read classic) and would also be more financially viable but then not a lot of older bikes may be suitable for touring this vast country of ours these days! You can get import approval on more recent bikes, like all the grey imports do, but need to be able to ADR compliance the bike and that is where the cost comes in!

  4. It's not that simple actually. Yes you can do a 12 month import in certain cirumstances. Also if the Carnet doesn't apply, there is a requirement to lodge a 12mth Bond equal in value to the possible Import Duty value.

    If the vehicle is to stay after the 12 months, it is then a requirement that it is in compliance with the appropriate ADR's and registration requirements.
    I would check all this first.
  5. hmmm well if it has to be wrecked for parts then the Harley is the go. Those BMWs are too reliable! :grin:
  6. Hence the links :roll:
  7. Those links should detail to you how complicated it can get! It can certainly be done though! I never answered one of your questions though. If bringing in a Harley I would choose only a Heritage Softail or a Fat Boy because they would retain their value more, either as a whole bike or in parts. The Electra Glide is a lot less popular here than in the U.S. (I own one). Any modern classic bike would also be a good choice and still be quite ridable whilst having great resale value here, including many from the 70s such as R series BMW R90S, Laverda 1000 Jota (if you can find one even stateside!) K series 750 Honda, Kawasaki Z1, Ducati GT750 or SS750/900 etc. If he can find a cheap Harley Panhead even better!
  8. Just sell both bikes in the US

    come here and buy one of the two models here

    if you stay keep them, if you go back to US sell here

    and buy a HD vrod (half harley/german like BMW) when you get Home

  9. Thank you everyone for your assistance. I'll pass it on to B-I-L.