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VIC Bringing a bike to Vic that I can't ride yet.

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Gord, Jul 24, 2013.

  1. Hoping some victorians can help me out here. I currently have a Ninja1000 in it's way from canberra, expecting delivery on the 29th.

    I can't ride it until my licence restrictions end on the 2nd of Sept. My questions: What time frames do I have to Change the rego to victoria? and to get it inspcted here? If it helps, the bike is from a dealer. Short of getting someone to ride it for me, hoping I won't have to load it into the back of the ute just do perform these menial tasks...

    Thanks for any help.
  2. I'm not 100% sure but I think the only time frame you have here is the existing interstate rego. Unregistered vehicle permits last 28 days, but if it's already registered in ACT, then that's not required. If you are from ACT and living in VIC permanently then your licence has to be transferred to VIC within 3 months.

    There's a number 13 1171.

    You may not need a RWC if it's coming from a dealer, just turn up at vicroads after 2nd Sep - you need to make an appointmernt.

    If Vicroads don't require an RWC, then don't let the ACT reg run out 'cause then you will and that's $$$ better spent on bike stuff. Get the UTE, have a fully licensed mate ride it to vicroads or offer a nice vic netrider person with a bike trailer money, alcohol or services rendered to save $$$.
  3. Hey Gord, am happy to ride it to the RWC joint for you to save muckin around putting it on the ute. If on the off chance they can inspect it at the pre-booked time, I can wait around for it too.

    Unless anyone lives closer and can help out.

  4. I'll share my son's experience that just moved here from Canberra:

    1. Apparently, you legally have only 3 months to register it in VIC, but they don't ask the question anyway, as long as your ACT rego is current.
    2. If your ACT rego expires and you haven't yet registered, you'll need an RWC. That's what happened to my son - despite all my reminders he left it to the last day, arranged an appointment with his ACT rego expired by 1 day, and was asked for RWC in a result.
    3. Even then - my son simply extended his ACT rego by 3 months (yep, you can do that), and will take the bike back soon. They have told him he won't need an RWC then, unless the bike is visibly unroadworthy.
    4. Lastly, of course, your restrictions have nothing to do with registering the bike, as long as you have legal means of transporting the bike to VicRoads (e.g. ask a friend to ride it there).
  5. If I have three months to do what I need to do at vicroads, then that'll be perfect! From memory it's rego bums out in October so that's very handy.

    So, I should be able to leave her in the garage and sort out all the transfers and paperwork after sept 2? Excellent.
  6. Just rang Vic roads. I have 3 months to do the following.

    If the plate is still on it and its still registered, I don't need to get it inspected. Still need Vic rwc

    If the dealer changed the bike into my name from their end, I don't need a Vic rwc either.

    If i have to change the rego into my name, I need a Vic rwc to do so.

    If the rego is cancelled, I've got to do the lot.

    Paperwork arrives express post tonight, so I'll guess I find out then.
  7. Congratulations Gord. The Ninja 1000 was also my first bike after my restriction. I had it in my garage for 6 weeks before I could legally ride it. It took a lot of will power to restrain myself from riding it.

    There's a thread here about places to get rwc. Contact @goddie, because he had his Ninja 1000 road worthied recently.

    The OEM tyres on the Ninja will eventually square off in the centre. PR2 and PR3's seems to work well with this bike. Bruce from MMTS lives nearby. Some people changed the rear tyre to 190/55 to get better cornering. I have short legs; so I dropped the front by 4mm instead.

    The bike has low gearing, so you'll constantly shift up from 6th gear to search for that elusive 7th gear; but that low gearing means that you can overtake without having to shift down.

    That 1043cc motor is brilliant.

    Anyway; PM if you need help. I live nearby.
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  8. Thanks mate! Correct my if I'm wrong, but the 2012 + 2013 got slightly higher gearing in 6th than the 2011 model? I've seen the thread about dropping a tooth on the front cog to aid also. At 6'4, I WON'T be lowering. Might lower the pegs, if anything. My knees for very snug under the fuel tank wings.
  9. can recommend Ultratune on Keilor Rd Essendon for the RWC :) and as @GR8N1K mentioned, the P3's work well with the bike
  10. I had the 2012 model; which I bought in Oct 2011. Kawasaki rolled them onto the showrooms early.

    Even with the 2012 model I was searching for 7th gear; but eventually I learned to check the taco first, If I was doing 4500rpms at 100km/h then I was already in 6th. Moving to a 190/55 rear tyre will also change the final gearing and will give a more accurate speedo reading as well.

    Lowering the front is for quicker steering...puts more weight to the front.
  11. yep mines running 100 kmh at about 4300 rpm, speed gun on geelong fwy say I do about 95 when speedo shows 100 :(
  12. I meant the tacho not the taco...I must have been feeling hungry.
  13. Sounds like it'll be more accurate than my GS which shows 117 at 100 actual.

    Thanks for the ultratune essendon tip, sounds the goods as they don't do anything else to bikes so won't go hunting for anything unessential.

    It's at 19k kms, so it wouldn't be on the original tyres one would think. I DO like speedos to be accurate (ffs) so the 55 sounds the goods also.

    Thanks for the tips, and keep them coming if you think of anything else!
  14. was gonna ask, soft or hard shell? lol
  15. streetmaster can service it for you, although you do have the kwaka mob cnr Millers and Geelong rds who have a good rep..
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  16. Haven't heard of them but huge thanks for the heads up. Bike shops in the west are few and far between. The last one I went to put my rear tyre on backwards!
  17. for tyres contact Bruce @MMMTS, he'll look after you no probs, out west sunshine so close to you, Streetmaster is in frankston for mechanicals, he looked after Pilgrims baby, plus Streetmaster rides a Z1000 himself , knows and lur's kwakas :)
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  18. ^^^and also does tyres (in conjunction with Bruce). So if you need a service AND tyres, you can kill two birds etc etc..
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  19. this is very true, I pointed you to MMMTS for tyres due to proximity of your place
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