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Bring the nod back!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Fa1c0n, Mar 11, 2011.

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  1. Im going to go out of my way to nod blatantly obviously at every rider i see and say hello to everyone at the lights.


    Post if you agree
  2. Yes!

    Nobody (and I mean nobody) in Brisbane seems to nod... If I had to speculate, I'd say it's because it's so fookin' humid that people can't see the nod for all the stinging sweat trickling into their eyes.
  3. It's alot hotter up here in Darwin and we all still nod :p
  4. *nod*

    I dare you to throw in a few "of my god hi to you" waves..
  5. haha. I love nodding threads... I can already hear the groans of some of the mods on here!!

    Yeah, I try and nod whenever I can. I often have to stop myself nodding to bikes when I'm walking in the city or in my cage tho. It's funny when you forget and nod to a bike from the sidewalk.
  6. Yeah I always nod... blah blah blah more nodding blah blah.

    - boingk
  7. I've had a nodding acquaintance with a few threads like this one .......
  8. I find these threads more entertaining if you mentally substitute the word knob in place of nod when you read them. :)
  9. Its only polite to nod. Whenever I see someone not nod at me I think.......not really a rider.

    Heck ive even been known to nod at incoming riders mid corner....this is the ONLY time ill excuse them for not nodding.
  10. Funny, I totally ignore people like yourself for that same reason. I will not nod at you because it only encourages you to keep riding.
  11. Alright place your bets, which mod is going to lock this thread?
  12. ME! once they make me a mod!
  13. Locked? Or simply derailed into a trollfight?
    My money's on BR...
    Fuk I'm bored today.
  14. ever notice how many more posts there are on POETS day?
  15. Yeah I find whenever I nod on the way to a ride nobody, and I mean nobody, nods back. The one time I got a thumbs up on the way to uni, but that was from Sammy ;)

    (I take the Monash Northbound to rides, lots of riders on Southbound at that time going home from work).

    Sometimes I actually think that it's because of the L plates, but then I realise they can't see them :D
  16. Bit hard to nod on the commute to work would end up looking like im listening to metal. I'll give the nod to a bike at the lights next to me tho unless they are a zoner who blankly stares straight ahead.
  17. Not many people nod when commuting, the only one I received was when I pulled up next too a gsxr750, we both looked at each other & nodded at the same time...

    There is so much crap going on around you when you commute, wasting valuable brain power on nodding can get you in trouble...

    I usually only nod when out on a fun ride..
  18. Nodding has it's limits as such for example on multi lane free ways I've realised no one nods, as hd don't nod back either. Everybody will nod/wave/lift finger/thumbs up on the GOR.
  19. pharking pmsl mate, but maybe the drugs make it funnier

    every day is poets day when your going to rehab 3 days a week


    I always have nodded (even to scooter riders, though I wonder if they know what its all about.... they ride a scoot after all), always will.

    riding a motorcycle is a cool thing to do, and nodding to a fellow clansman doesnt make it any less so IMHO

  20. It was "cool" back before the internet, when it just happened and nobody felt the need to write a fukking haiku about it.
    I think it's been ruined now though.
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