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bring on the love riding in rain posts

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' started by uncle greg, Feb 16, 2011.

  1. i hate it glad im home out of it

  2. I don't mind a normal rainy day, but storms with strong wind and lightning no thanks.
  3. I love it, but I think Schindler's List is a funny movie.

    I need help
  4. I don't mind it - It's the other twonks on the road that piss me off. "OMG there is 'weather' i must drive 20km under the limit and brake and change lanes more eratically than i normally do:"
  5. ^^ that.
    it's not an "i hate it", it's not an "i love it", for me it's an "i'd rather be riding in the rain than staying dry in the car" thing. but riding in non-stop-for-3-weeks rain like we had late last year just fkn sucks

  6. Spot on there, and they do like to be erratic
  7. Going to my destination I hate rain but can't avoid it as I don't have a car or wet weather gear (don't care quite enough to spend the money)

    If I'm returning home from said destination with no where else to go for the day I quite welcome it, especially in summer as its good for cooling off, so long as my phone and gps get back in working order.

    Also I hate rain in general since I moved into this house, the moisture gets into some wires, somewhere that we can't find.. and makes the internet connection drop in and out every 10 mins.
  8. Did 150km in Darwin's monsoonal rains. Was absolutely drenched when I got to my destination, just to get to work.

    Didn't mind it actually.

    Wouldn't want to be outside right now though. Glad I got here before the cyclone formed.
  9. good ****ing luck now that the cyclone has arrived...hope you and the bike stay safe...cos you'll be the only one able to navigate the littered roads once the storm passes...

    seriously though, stay safe man

    back to OP,

    i don't mind rain, or lightning...i ****ing hate high / strong winds
  10. ^ same here - rain I don't mind so long as I have my gear on, but strong winds even on a sunny day are what get to me.
  11. Get yourself some Slazenger Bioslyx and come out dry and smelling like a daisy after a light rain, not too hot as well if your wearing wet weather stuff.
  12. I don't like the first instance of rain. For the first few minutes it feels like I can slip off at any point and a corner like a snail. But as soon as there's been enough rain to wash away the surface oils I don't mind it. Sometimes I really enjoy it, but depends on the mood I'm in and the rain.

    Light rain that starts mid ride is the worst. You debate with yourself whether to pull over and put the wet weather gear on or not. Most often you don't and the rain slowly gets more and more hectic.

    Heavy rain I love, If I'm all geared up. Its probably the your a madman look everybody gives you.

    The most fun is when you've looked up the rain on the radar. You know its chasing you and you've got to get where your going before it does.
  13. lol especially when you hear the thunder cracking behind you, and you're out the back of timbucktoo...
  14. I don't mind riding in the rain, as long as it's actually raining and the road is wet.

    What I don't like is when it's just drizzling and the road is neither wet nor dry just slippery.

    Riding in storms isn't fun at all and hail hurts....
  15. Yep I reccon in the past 5 years of commuting I've bothered to stop and put my wet gear on only 2-3 times.

    Another thing to be aware of about other road users during wet weather is their awareness of those around the shrinks considerably as they concentrate on the road in front of them more. It's like they literally have blinkers on.
  16. I love riding in proper rain :)

    It's a good feeling, just don't like it when I'm riding in the rain on the way THERE. It's better on the way back. On the way there I have to worry about how I'll look at my destination etc, and dry clothes.
  17. I find the dye leaches out of my leathers. So I've had a few days at work with dark green (black leathers) patches on my business shirts.
  18. It can be fun in the wet. I like it, but I come from a dirt background.
    I have to ride 5 to 6 days a week for work so I have no choice whether I do or not. So I may as well like it or it just stuffs my day.
  19. Theres a saying "the best view of a thunderstorm is through your rear vision mirrors". Lightning always tries to seek me out, I"m sure of it, have had a couple of very close calls. Lightning seems to say "ok, wheres Sue? ahhh, yes!!!, there she is........ BANG!!!!". I was caught out riding in a decent storm a couple of weeks ago in the country, and it was NOT a pleasant experience. Hail is very loud on the helmet too.
  20. Riding in the rain = cleans the bike and free shower for me = better for the environment and cheaper on my back wallet, hahahahah teh WIN!!!