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Bring it on !

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by V8cressida, May 9, 2006.

  1. Howdy,
    Bought my first bike on saturday - Only had my "L's" a fortnight with prior riding experience of a huge 10minutes. Went on a 10min and 15 min ride sunday. So i've decided to chuck myself in the deep end. Monday night - pull my bike to bits [IMG:1024:768:c1cff60e39]http://i82.photobucket.com/albums/j245/v8cressida/P1010044.jpg[/img:c1cff60e39]

    I'm pretty handy with a spanner but this bike thing is new to me, decided to change the oil, and filter plus the sparkplugs. 9:30pm rolls by its back together and surprisingly it starts :cool: As I am planning to ride to work the next day(early morning will be dark) I decided to go for a 25 min night ride to see how i'd go........came back alive :cool:

    So at 5:45am I set off on my 63 km ride to work. Turns out its as windy as buggery......on my way get passed by a semi omg wasn't expecting such a buffeting from his rear end as he pulls back in my lane.......but i'm still upright.....i'll put that one in the memory bank. Arrive at work ok.

    Work's over for the day..... Time to ride home.... Oh guess what? It's peeing down with rain and even more windy. I swear there was snow in that rain. hmmm now my visor is fogging up.....and watch out for where 2 strips of bitumen join.... not a nice feeling. I get home amazingly intact and dry and warm (those purchases of winter type riding gear came very handy).

    So in 4 days and 155km I've experienced Wind,Rain,Dodgy roadwork, Trucks, Fogging up, night riding, all on pre-learner course experience only.(and 98% worn tyres-Batlax)

    Only need an emergency stop (for real), to dodge a dog or two, maybe a roo or a cage... and I'll have a complete set. Bring it on!

    :idea: any recommendations for replacement tyres suit ZZR 250 would be appreciated. :p
  2. Sounds like you've had a fun time! :grin:
    Shame about the weather... but I guess that's what you get for living in Hobart. :p
  3. Go see the guys at derwent motorcycles (corner Melville and murray)

    I got them to put some michelin pilots on the across and they were excellent

    When you coming down to Joes for a drink?
  4. way to go buddy. great job. the spark plugs, from memory, are bloody fiddly to get at on the ZZR.

    can't remember the tyres i had on mine (also had a ZZR) but they were the stickiest compound i could find and they were absolutely brilliant. stuck like glue....

    happy riding, and look out for those semis :grin:
  5. Not sure when, Iffracem. I will have to make it a special occasion as I live in Carlton and knock off usually at 4pm.... therefore am in town at 4:20 ish from Margate. I would have to kill some time somewhere in between. I have three friends who ride we could all go together sometime.

    Oh I have to tick off my Bring it on List - Riding around a roundabout after someone has lost a load of lawnclippings !!! :mad:
  6. A colder, wetter baptism of fire, V8. Well done for surviving, and congrats on enjoying it.....
  7. ....and that's 'riding' in Tassie for 3 months of the year :LOL: Seriously, it's great that you are getting experience in all conditions and that you are okay with the spanners, maintenance and upkeep will cost you less - plus you get to know your bike more.