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Bring in zero tolerance for all road users!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by T2, Apr 30, 2005.

  1. Did anyyone see all the cars that were left beside Westgate Bridge from the Booze bus last night?

    I did not see one motorcycle there.

    What does that tell you?

    Drinking drivers don't give stuff about themselves, us or anyone else.

    If they did they would'nt do it! :evil:

    Afterall "you can't be half pregnant"

  2. I think that's also because people who drink and ride don't tend to last very long.
  3. you could be onto something there.... how profound :p
  4. Ahh HA! So that's why all those cars were there..wondered about that when I came back from walking Mako. Looks like they got a few idiots last night then.
  5. I have ever seen one pissed rider... he was pushing his bike... His reason was not that he was drunk... he lost his helmet...
  6. Police were at it again last night with plenty of results.IE cars parked were the idiots were asked to leave them.I know because last night at 1.00 am I was asked to pull over and "blow"......You can't beat drinking water,softies,tea and tea all night.....especially if you want to ride all day like today.
    Why would you want to write yourself off on a Saturday night and miss the Sunday morning ritual of going somewhere on a "Triumph"?
  7. What is people's obsession with riding BRA's?????
  8. Riding a Bra?

    So whats wrong with checking out Bra's and what's in them?
    I have'nt tried to ride one though.

    Valantino Rossi could because his balls are big enough!
    I will have to see if one keeps the bugs off the front of the Sprint....I've tried everything else!
  9. If its got two wheels, ride it!!!

    or errr, two bumps :)

    Besides if I had a choice between a Trumpie or a Mazda I know My choice.
  10. Lets see a booze bus on the Sth Gips Hway at Lang Lang Sunday evening after the GP...... if you wanna see a big bike park............
  11. I've driven drunk.. have not yet done so on the bike.. If i did i would just prang it. Reason i never crashed my car is cause its so slow.. and turning corners is no problem
  12. good stuff mat, you cant fall off a car so its ok to drive it drunk then eh? the same kinda attitude kills unsuspecting SOBER drivers/rider all the time. get your head straight fella, DRUNK DRIVING IS NOT FUGGEN ON :evil:
  13. It tells me that it's a bugger to balance a bike when you're legless :twisted:

  14. Bloody idiot!
  15. Got stuck behind a drunk (or drugged) driver on Friday night. The woman was doing about 30kph, coasting between lanes and hitting the brakes to avoid shadow patterns on the road. She was clearly one step short of paralytic. I flashed the headlights into the cabin, hit the horn a couple of times but even then she didn't seem to notice what was going on around her.

    She was moving slowly, didn't seem to be in any danger of falling over but I defy you to tell me that what she was doing was safe.

    :evil: :evil: :evil:
  16. I think also you'll find that they tend to wave motorcycles through. I know there have been several instances where this has been the case for me. Really pisses me off, you do the right thing, then don't get to prove it! In fact in the nine years I've been riding, I only just got my first bretho this year, and that was cause one of us got pulled up so the cop decided to breath test all of us.
  17. I have been waved through most but I did get stopped at one booze bus. I think that they were just really bored cos there was hardly anyone else around at the time.
  18. Nine years? Wow, only been riding for 4 years, and I think I've done about 3 breathalysers on the bike, and 1 in the car :? I like breath tests cause they pull all the rookies or just graduated from police academy people, and they're still kinda good looking at that stage :D I've only been unlucky once to get a female cop to breath test me :roll:

    But drink and drive?? :evil: That's really a big no-no!!
  19. Yes but I dont stop and beg them to give me one like you Minna :LOL: :p :LOL:
  20. Just cause I like to blow :LOL: :twisted:

    Uhh...did I just say that?? :oops: I meant blowing into them tubes :shock: