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Bring extra socks if you go see the Irresponsibles

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Loz, Sep 20, 2008.

  1. ...Because those of us that made it down to the Barley Corn last night had ours ROCKED RIGHT OFF. No kidding, I couldn't even find them afterwards.

    Last chance to catch them in Melb is tonight at Broadford road race track. So come down and play "the Irresponsbles drinking game" and see if you can last more than two songs...


  2. Damn straight, what a kick arse band. Pub rock is alive and well in Melbourne, at least for one more night anyway.

    I'm playing their CD right now, and playing the drinking game with coffee, lots of coffee. The choreography is coming back to me...

    ...and drink!
  3. Funny buggers!!

    Quote of the night "You're making us thirsty!" :LOL:

    +1, Edge's band is pretty good :)
  4. So does this make us Irresponsible groupies?
  5. +1 would see again.
  6. Which one do you want Cheff?

  7. What can i say man, she touched my heart. :grin:
  8. Sorry I couldn't make it, but one of my idols Jeff Martin (formerly of The Tea Party) was playing The Evelyn last night. Have to catch you next time Edge :cool:
  9. Saw/heard them at Broadford tonight, fantastic.
  10. Bugger, missed out!
  11. I'm pleased to report, that after uploading my iPod and road testing The Irresponsibles today, they get the big thumbs up from me. :grin:
    The first song on the EP aptly named 'Break Me' is a ripping ditty to carve corners too. Go get it.

  12. My favourite song too. I call it "The Rooting Song." That's the one Edgelett wrote the lyrics to, the filthy bugger.
  13. She might be a bit of a dirty Girl, for all we know?

    I reckon they are great.