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Brilliant revenge on speed camera operators

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Loz, Jul 10, 2007.

  1. [​IMG]

  2. Welcome to the year 2001 !

  3. yep thats old news...get with the times :p
  4. Definitely has been posted on here before. I'll narrow it down to I think it was this year.. Or could have been last year. Goodness knows with my memory at present :LOL:
  5. Oh. Booooo.
  6. On Top Gear last night, Jeremy Clarkson and Gordon Ramsay were talking about speed cameras, and it was mentioned that 'some people' attack the fixed cameras with cling film over the lens.
    When the flash operates, the image is distorted.

    I reckon that you could do the same by putting a mirror in front of the flash, and aiming it into the camera?

    I have heard of Pommies stacking tyres around the cameras, and setting them on fire also.
  7. Thought that it was illegal to do those things! :LOL:
  8. Just do what the redneck locals do with the speed cameras at Hartley (GWH) and Kurrajong (Bells Line) . . . . put a .303 round through it ! :LOL:
  9. Well I hadn't seen it before and found it funny :grin: Thanks Loz
  10. i liked clarkson' no gaps idea :LOL:
  11. my brother said myth busters debunked that idea.
    mainly due to the fact that a lot of cameras during the day use no flash.
  12. I've seen it before as well.

    Another trick is to put a garbage bag over the fixed camera unit so when it detects a speeding vehicle it takes a photo of the inside of a plastic bag :LOL:
  13. I was just going to suggest a nice flowery shower cap would fit nicely over the fixed cameras' lens...
  14. but as said on top gearlast night, the idea of the clingwrap, was it doesn't show any sign of tampering, just a distorted image
  15. I've got an avi of "STU-PID" riding which is ghost rider style FAST riding through traffic. It also contains a bit where they speak to ghost rider (without a helmet on, you can see his face. Bald dude, bit musclely for his age ;) ) It also contains a section where they set fire to a speed camera. I want to take out these sections and make seperate avi files to upload to youtube, probably will get around to it this week if my arm doesn't give me too much grief ;)
  16. It has a similar effect to smearing a thin layer of vaseline over the lens like Playboy etc used to do - it means that you get nice unsharp images of naked bikes instead of naked women... :LOL:
  17. Creative destruction

    I remember the first week that red light cameras were installed in Adelaide (in the late 80's). Someone got a truck and systematically reversed it into the camera poles, knocking them down. They destroyed about 7 cameras in one night I think.
  18. Chain on a towball would have the same effect I imagine.... Even if it just bends it, as long as the camera is pointing skywards.....
  19. This is p0rn!!! Just see, dream and enjoy.





  20. They would smear the vaseline over a UV filter that was fitted to the lens and not the lens itself.

    It was also used on a negative to fill light scratches.

    Back in the early 90's though, nose-grease was used in favour of vaseline ;)