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Brilliant idea for another netrider merchandise

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by takagawa, Apr 5, 2005.

  1. Last Sunday I was on the Reefton Ride and I had this idea for netrider, (which i'm pretty much stealing from yarra shire and claiming it my own :].). See on their rides, they have these coloured armbands so a large ride could be broken up into groups by the colour armbands. Secondly, it would make it easier to distinguish from other motorcyclists not part of the ride.

    So anyways, my idea is, why not get some Netrider Armbands. When we have our rides, riders could put on a netrider armband so we know who's in. Or we might have special coloured armbands for marshalls (those who don't really feel like wearing a bright orange vest).

    Armbands should be very cheap. They're just some reflective material with velcro. I don't think they'd be more expensive than the number plates. Cheap enough to have a couple spares on the day to lend out to those who don't have one.

    If marshalls had those armbands, we would know that the person pointing us in which direction to corner are actually Netrider. This hasn't been a problem on any rides of been on but just thought it was a point. Another is that we know exactly who to thank so their efforts don't go un-noticed.

    Netrider branded armbands would look pretty cool. Like a black background with the logo. Maybe the logo itself would be done in that shiny silver reflective paint.

    Just throwing the idea around, what do you think?
  2. I'd rather spend the money on a new pair of gloves.
  3. Matt232, colour coded gloves then...:LOL:..
  4. If you made them in fluro lycra, they would stand out and not cost much at all. They would fit all sizes as well.

    But that's if anyone liked the idea. :?
  5. I think the idea is good, but would not be feasible as I would imagine it woud make our "non-organised" rides organised and put the the ride "organisers" at risk legally. Not sure if I'm on the right line of thinking, but that's what my gut suggests to me.....

    :D :D :D
  6. As long as everyone is simpatico with the skipping of legal liability we could just claim that armbands are just the latest trend we all happen to be following.
  7. It's not a bad idea. When you get a large group together it can be a real pain in the butt trying to remember who is part of your group and who isn't.

    This can be a problem when you're the corner-marker and get asked by the tail-ender how many riders have gone by.
  8. Great idear, I can't see a problem legally there should be no issues there
  9. Correct.
    Beat me to it.
    Any ride that smacks of being an organised ride then bears a legal liability.
    Unorganised rides are not in the same boat.
    If anyone gets injured on an organised ride then the ride organisers/marshalls etc can bear a legal responsibility.
    This is one reason I don't attend organised rides.
  10. I think it is a great idea, green for the hero's, yellow for mid speed riders and red for the conservative rider. We then know who to give a wide berth on rides.
  11. Johnny O - and blue for people with chicken strips over 50mm...:LOL:...
  12. this idea sounds fantastic...it would give people in a group ride a good idea of who and what skills the group has....

    we need name tags as well.....hehehe

  13. Well if everyone had a Netrider number plate frame, it would be very easy to see who is and isn't part of a ride. :LOL: :LOL: They are the ultimate bling-bling fitment for every Netrider bike 8)

    They're in stock, so get yours from the merchandise page @ https://netrider.net.au/?page=merchandise
  14. me got one, but I see its out of date already..(netrider.net.au).. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: ..
  15. you gonna change from netrider.net.au to netrider .net.au?
  16. I will wait, there is bound to be a clearance sale shortly on these plate frames....
  17. Well yea, they're good and all... but some people don't like to have something Netrider branded all the time on their bikes.

    I'm thinking just only on rides, having bright netrider branded armbands gives that feeling of camaderie.

    About the legal thing, hmm yea that's an interesting one. If mouth would put up something like, 'privately organised ride here unless otherwised stated' that removes the liability away from Netrider, and then the armbands are no more than just an item of clothing :).

    I was playing around oh photoshop on what it might look like.


    The black one I hope would look alot better if its made, than as an image :). The Silver one would be like the 'reflective fluorescent silver'.

    Reefton Ride
    Everyone had the armband. Not too noticable to be tacky.
  18. Maybe there will be a fire.....
    Perhaps the store was in Elizabeth St.......
  19. Out of interest, why not? It allows other Netrider people to spot you on teh roads and say G'day and introduce yourself and make a new friend, if you don't already know them.

    Sorry, no. If their specific reason is to be worn on rides to identify yourself as Netrider ride marshall or ride participant then the legal implication still applies. We couldn't allow the Netrider logo to be used in this way.