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Bright to GOR

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by bonneville53, Jul 22, 2014.

  1. Hi we are heading down to the GOR mid nov. Was wondering if any one had a route through to the coast from Bright. Thanks

  2. First leg through Whitfield to Mansfield. Round the back of Lake Eildon via Jamieson (if you're experienced).
    Yea, Flowerdale, Whittlesea. Wallan, Darraweit Rd to Romsey, Mt Macedom, Gisborne, Bacchus Marsh. Glenmore Road, Slate Quarry Road to Meredith. Then Shelford, Winchelsea, Deans Marsh and Lorne.
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  3. Alternatively you could go from Bright to Bairnsdale via the GAR then take any number of back roads along the Vic East coast taking in Wilsons Promontory and Phillip Island. Then round to Crib Point and Sorrento. Catch the Ferry across to Queesncliff then to Ocean Grove/Barwon Heads, Breamlea, Torquay.
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  4. Both great routes, @titus@titus route is good because it misses the boring start of the Gor and gives you the best bit plus the Deans Marsh route through temperate rain forest. @b12mick@b12mick 's route has the ferry ride, (approx $36 and 1 hour one way with bike.) And runs the fantastic Great Alpine Road.

    Go one way and back the other ;)
  5. If I'm honest, b12mick's is better overall. But longer.
  6. If it were me, I'd do mine on the way down (longer) and @titus@titus route on the way back.
  7. Thanks guys. Any idea on the time taken to do your route Titus.
    We are going round the loop from Bright to Bright then Titus' s route then two days on the GOR
    Then Micks route up the coast towards the Bonang
    Four months away and I am excited already
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    When you're in the Gippsland area , try and fit in the C484/C483 route through the Tarra-Bulga National Park between Yarram and Traralgon . Just gorgeous .
  9. So
    unds good
  10. Sounds good
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  11. Mine is about 850km depending on which scenic detours you take.
  12. The route I've described is 665km. Google says about 10-11 hours plus stops (say 13hrs?).
    That's more than I'm comfortable doing these days and I'd split it over two days, but make your own decision.
    You could cut an hour off bypassing the Jamieson-Eildon section. Make no mistake it's a challenging piece of road.
    Taking the Hume and Geelong Freeways would cut 1-2 hours but it's not something I'd choose.
    Some sections between Winchelsea and Bacchus Marsh are a bit sketchy.
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  13. Without a doubt one of the best but scariest roads ive come across. No signage, no guard rails and virtually no straight sections!
    Not for the faint hearted or the inexperienced.
    Can't wait to ride it again though!!!
  14. Interestingly I find Googles times on the conservative side. For example Google tells me it takes 1hr and 39mim to get from Wagga to Albury (128km) yet I do it in around 1hr 15minutes - 1hr 30min if I stop at Culcairn for a wee.
  15. 15 min? That must be a helluva bladder you got there, Mick!

    Google is probably conservative but without fail we arse around with gloves, lost keys, resetting trips etc til it all evens out about the same.
  16. Depends on my coffee intake.

    I do find that when I'm riding with a group the Google times are closer, but when I'm on my own they are way out.
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  17. I thought we would be able to do this in 7 nights but I think we need one more. Or else it is going to be a long haul on the Hume on the last day. fcuk that eh.
  18. Yes the Hume sucks on a bike.
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  19. The Hume sucks - period.
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  20. Sucking is ok