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Brigalow Corporation Runs Queensland.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by 3737pisces, Jan 19, 2010.

  1. Luckily I was fortunate to see this on a different Site. It looks like Qld Gvt is Run by Brigalow Corporation..Have a look via Google at just what it is! This was kept from the Public. All done behind closed Doors. Its Part of the Big Picture to Come..Where we loose Any Rights!

  2. More info please or I lock this thread and no I won't google it.
  3. This seems to be a summary of it:


    It appears to claim that in QLD there has been a removal of the mandated independence (separation) of powers between the legislature, the judiciary, and the crown (Governor). All public servants, including the judiciary and the State Governor, are now direct servants of the state and as such have lost their independent ability to rule on affairs of the state, and all land appears to have passed into ownership of the state, which may be reclaimed at any time by the ruling body's discretion.

    That appears to be the gist of it. Whether or not it's true and/or valid is something that needs to be investigated. If it is true, then there are no truly independent checks and balances left in Queensland, as any of the bodies which could independently contradict the other, are all now "sackable" by the state's premier.
  4. Never had any rights

    we have always been subjects of the British Empire

    subject :being under the power or sovereignty of another or others; "subject peoples"; "a dependent prince"

    rather than free citizens

    citizen:A person that is a legally recognized as a member of a state, with associated rights and obligations; A member of a state that is not a monarchy; used as antonym to subject; A person that is a legally recognized resident of a city or town; A resident of any particular place to which the subject ...
  5. Wow. Something that makes me feels good about not living in Queensland.:LOL:
  6. The explanation in the article mentioned that BC was set up for the purpose of developing some land and that some farmers were tied in with that. Despite how legislation is interpreted by those who wrote the article, it appears to me that the intention of BC was for that land development and wasn't written specifically to only cover that area. It wouldn't be the first time that legislation can be interpreted differently and with that different interpretation to the intention of it shows up loopholes. Should we be worried? I don't know.

    The self-proclaimed cuddly Peter Beattie, as shifty as he came across to me, may not have had totalitarian rule in mind. If he did, he and his successor sold out Qld on more than one occasion so this may have been another sell out.
  7. Conspiracy theories, "new world order", Queensland is a totalitarian state, democracy is dead.

  8. I think you're giving these people too much credit. They choose to live in Queensland, for god's sake! :p

    On the other hand, it wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if some business or another has undue influence in Queensland. Given the control the coal lobby has at a federal level, its certainly possible.

    But on the third hand, don't attribute to malice that which can more readily be explained by incompetence...
  9. коннор, every time I see your name I imagine watching Terminator in Russian.
  10. I would tend to agree, except that through incompetence, malice may take hold.

    The issue won't be what's going on today, the issue will be come when some combative political party refuses to give up power.
  11. So what? WA is run by BHP and, to a lesser extent Rio Tinto.

    Besides, state corruption is a way of life in Queensland, from what I've heard about Joh's time in office.
  12. this is off topic there is no motorcycle content, moved to off topic. OP please use the forums properly or next time thread gets deleted, thank you.
  13. Not for a long long time, All British and Commonwealth subjects became citizens in 1949. Admittedly the term subject was retained in addition to being citizens, but in 1983 the status of subject was removed entirely...
  14. given the choice between a stuff-up and a conspiracy, go with the stuff-up
  15. And it appears to be a state owned body - not a private business.