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Brief Intro

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by c0nan, Sep 18, 2008.

  1. Thought I may as well introduce myself, having been lurking and posting for a while.

    Have wanted a bike ever since a friend took me trail riding a while back. Since then have been attempting to save up for a bike for a while, but finally got my act together and some money in the bank. I then squandered this money on a bike that I hadn't seen, hadn't had inspected and was a few states away from me (I plead youth and general stupidity).
    So I spent two grand on a 93 zxr250 (the bike of my learner dreams :D). When it gets here I'm going to put in a new engine and get it looked over to see what it needs to bring it up to scratch - I'm prepared to spend up to what I paid for it (though hoping I won't have to!). So it'll be a little while before I get to ride it.

    Umm ... I'm 19, studying psychology at ANU and hoping to become a commando after I graduate.

    Anything else? Oh yeah, feel free to tell me that I'm an idiot for buying the bike. I figure if it turns out to be a pile of scrap I might learn my lesson or something about fools and their money ...
  2. so there previous owner told you there was engine problems???

    welcome to the forums your an idiot for buying that bike :LOL:
  3. Welcome.

    At worst some kindly Canberra Netrider may be able to help you with the repairs, if necessary. Just expect to get dinged on the back of the head with a ring spanner every couple of minutes :LOL:.
  4. You bought WHAT? :shock:


    Welcome Aboard !!!
  5. Thanks guys :D

    And yeah, he did, but he also sold me two extra engines. Apparently the first one works, but it loses compression and eventually cuts out. Said he'd compression tested the other two and that they were okay (why there are two, I do not know).

    Still, worst come to worst it's only money and some time wasted!
  6. when are you taking delivery of said beastie?
  7. Should be here in 1-2 weeks! I can't wait to go over it and find out just how much I screwed myself over :p
  8. :LOL:

    way to think positively mate, once you take delivery shoot me a pm, know a few people that's first language is kawasaki :LOL: