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Bridgestone S20 Evo

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by botch, Nov 11, 2015.

  1. Hey all

    So I was due for some tyres...my KTM had the original tyres when I bought it in May. Its a 2012 model, approx 12 thousand kays.

    The tyres had tread, but were starting to crack and just look crap allround.

    Enter the replacements....Bridgestone S20 Evo. I haven't ridden far on them yet, still getting the slipperiness off them.

    Initial thoughts? They tip in real well. Maybe it was the old tyres were just crap, but the S20's almost help the bike fall into the corner....certainly something I need to get used to!

    Looking forward to giving them a go through some twisty stuff soon.

    I guess they are probably overkill for what I generally ride, but it's all good!

    Anyone else use these tyres? Thoughts?

  2. I've got a pair on my 'Tard now, possibly the best tyres I've ever had. Turn in well, hold a line, and as much grip if not more than my old Metzeler M5's. Good feel too, unlike the M5's which were too stiff to really fill me with confidence.

    They still look like they've got a few km's left in them after 8000km - although oddly, the front seems to be wearing a bit quicker than the rear, and mainly on the side (but that's probably more to do with the bike than the rubber).

    My only complaint is that the compound change on the edges of the rear makes it look like you've got 20-25mm of chicken strip even when you've gone past that.
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  3. They were fitted to my ZX when I bought it. I'm used to Angel GTs and PR 4s, however I'm finding them not too bad. The ZX is a bit of a brute so I guess most tyres won't have unlimited grip and I can certainly push these tyres to the point of sliding, but overall it's progressive when they let go, no surprises, so I'm happy to keep them for the minute. I agree about the profile, they do feel good and tip into corners nicely.
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  4. I have those tyres on my Hypermotard 796... Made some really long rides and tough rides with this tyre :)
    really good tyres, specially very predictable with a lot of feedback. you know exactly when to stop pushing your bike.
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