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Bridgestone or Perelli

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Farab, Apr 30, 2008.

  1. Hi Guys,

    My Dunlop Arrowmax GT501 on the rear of my 250 VTR needs replacement. I have never felt 100% comfortable with this tyre doing twisties at a fair pace. Its like a shudder feedback I get when leaning over, etc.

    Keep in mind I commute daily, but also have fun on weekends, also ride alot in wet conditions.

    So what do you reckon?

    Bridgestone Battle Axe or Perelli Sports?
  2. It really comes down to personal prefernce.

    they both have their pros and cons, personally though id go after pilots. :grin:
  3. Thanks mate,

    Someone suggested that the new Avon road riders are very good. Anyone have any experience with them?
  4. Well you've already made the important decision, which is that it's not gonna be a dunlop. :cool:
  5. Will the Pilots give me a reasonable amount of wear?
  6. Anybody have any experience with Perelli Sport Demon?
  7. i always shod my VTR250 with pirreli sports demons. and i did about 55,000kms with just sports demons, before that it was the battalaxes, which never impressed me.
    in a nutshell:
    -for a reasonably soft tyre, they wear well. i could squeeze up to 17000kms out of a rear, but that was getting slick, 15000kms was more realistic. i consistently got about 24000kms out of a front, by that point it was the side tread always wore out before the center tread.
    -respect the tyres and how agressivly you initiate banking when they arent warm, after 4-5 corners but, they will pretty well take whatever you throw at them within reason. they do start shreeding rubber like cheese once you get hooked in, and you can destory a rear tyre suprisingly quickly even on the wee 2fiddy
    -once they are 60% worn the tyres, especially the rear becomes a bit less settled and prone to minor (yet controllable) washouts, they also become a little more prone to punctures at this stage of their life.
    -they are attrocious in the wet, everytime i tried any sort of lean in the rain, it became a serious fight for traction, mind you once again washouts were predictable, and aslong as you were on the ball controllable.
    -their wear rate goes down the toilet on dirt/gravel roads, but they have suprisingly good traction in these conditions.

    for the money ($120fr, $140rear) they are pretty good value for money tyre, and i stuck with them because they were cheap, always available, and a predicatble alround tyre that commuted ok, and was quite capable in the twisties for what it was.

    *pearls of wisdom over*/ :p
  8. Thanks mate, great info!

    I was keen to give the Michelin Pilot Sports a go, but a dealer said that it will not be good for a VTR 250, being a radial tire. Something to do with the walls not suitable on a smaller rim bike, compared to a 600+ sports bike.

    Can anyone shed some light on this. You never know if dealers are being truthfull or just pushing their brands - he said the Perellis were excellent in the wet?!?!
  9. id be suprised if michelin made sports tyres in that size? never bothered looking for em. michelins are awesome tyres in the wet if thats the sort of riding you anticipate to be doing lots of. perellis are awesome in the wet? maybe some of them but not the sports demon. thats becoming a bit of a subjective area but....
    sounds like he may be sticking you in the bum, the pirelli sports demon is definately a radial tyre. the michelin will be alot more expensive, and frankly, mate its a 250, unless the tyres are uber crap, suspension will be the limiting factor in hard riding.
  10. I've never liked the dunflops or the Bridgerocks.

    Ive run Mez3 Racing that then had a name change to M1 Sportecs.

    I then ran Pilot Powers on the firestorm which are fantastic tyres. I was pretty stoked when the K had them fitted.

    I was shredding the M1 Sportec on the SP1 every 5000km

    I was shreding the rear on the firestorm every 5000km unless I'm busy thrashing and crashing around Tassie, then I get 2200km's out of a rear ;)

    I'm going to try a set of Pirelli Diablo Rossos next.
  11. I've had one pair of Pilot Powers and although I cant say I had any problems with them, I've gone back to Pirelli Diablo's which just seem to have a better "feel" to them. Cant really explain it, but they give me more confidence when deep in a corner.

    Standard Diablo on the back and a Corsa 3 on the front - perfect combo, good for between 6k & 10k.

    The Pirelli are always good to the end. The Pilot Power's did start to slip a bit in corners towards the end - not a good feeling!
  12. I've got Pirelli Sports Demons on my 250. I reckon they are great tyres. Very good lifespan. Although like idontlikemondays said

    +1. They carve up once you start riding hard on them. But I think this is a good thing. Show's they are a softer compound than most other cheap tyres. And you can definately get very low on them and they feel great. I run out of balls before they run out of tread.
  13. I have sport demons on mine... need a new rear tyre, but the supplier doesn't have any in stock in my size (130/70-17) :evil:
  14. I went with the Pirelli Sport Demon (just replaced the back) NZ$250 fitted.

    If the front's ok, is it ok to leave it on or should you change it to the same (thread pattern) you have on the back? I still have the Dunlop in front, that still has plenty of wear left.

    Awesome thread pattern.
    Had to scrub in the new tire @ 17:30, in peak hour traffic, in a very wet Auckland! :shock:
  15. I currently have the Arrowmax GT501s on the back and I am not confident with them. However, I am a learner and these are the only tyres I have experience with.

    That said, I am about to switch to Dunlop GPR Alpha 10s, both back and front. This will set me back $382, fitted. The guy that sells them, TJs in Braddon, ACT, said he orders them so that he always gets the freshest rubber.

    I was initially interested in the Pirelli Corsa IIIs, but they are around the $600 mark and not available in the 140 size (which is what the 250RR rear rim takes).

    He said the GPR Alpha 10s are an excellent alround tyre and very sticky. I'm not an aggressive rider and expect them to last a year, which is how long it is till I get my full and un-restricted license, woot.
  16. BT015

    On any sports twin or v4 always use Bridgestone BT014 0r its replacement the BT015.
    Perfect for the twisty stuff and good for track days to and cheaper than Pirelli, Dunlop and Michelin.

    I have used them for 4 years.
  17. Re: BT015

    Always ?
  18. always

    Best tyre for any V config in a sports bike and you can't go past the price.
  19. I'll have to take your word for it mate because i've never tried the Bridge, but i don't know what the V config has to do with it.
  20. farab, leaving the uber shitty dunny arrowmax on the front with the stickyer pirelli on the rear is asking for trouble mate.