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Bridgestone BT090's

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Urban, Sep 18, 2005.

  1. Well I finally got around to putting some new rubber on the CBR and Holy fcuking Moly Batman, it's a new bike.

    I had originally planned on using Michelin Pilot Powers as I've heard nothing but excellent feedback on them, unfortunately no one had em in stock when I wanted to get them done.

    I rang a place in Croydon called "HOOPS" and the bloke recommended I give the Bridgestone 090's a go and at almost half the price of the Michelin I figured I'd try em out.

    I haven't been on a decent ride yet, just a few laps up Mountain Hwy to scrub em in, but let me tell ya, I'm pretty bloody impressed so far.

    Without really pushing at all (I was only out to scrub em in) I found the pegs scraping easily and the chicken strips are now a thing of the past. My last set of tyres where Dunlop D208's and before that was another Bridgestone of some sort, niether of these allowed me to use the whole tyre and I would rarely touch a peg down.

    I've always found that the front would start to push well before I had used all the available tyre, yet I'm easily using the whole tyre now and the front feels really planted and isn't pushing at all.

    I don't know how they'll last but at $320 for the set fitted, I'll be happy if I can get 5000Km out of em.

    Has anyone else used these tyres or have any feedback on them?
  2. what time were you doing laps of mountain hwy?
    i did about 12 laps there this afternoon :D didn't have time to ride to reefton :roll:
  3. About 9.00am this morning, then another few after the GP around 5.00PM.
  4. ok, i was up there between 1 and 3pm, it was pretty dry surprisingly
  5. Yeah, it was still pretty damp this morning, (which made the peg scraping even more surprising) but almost completely dry by this afternoons run.

    Geez, I love that stretch of road. :D