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Bridgestone BT023 Battlax

Discussion in 'Tyres' at netrider.net.au started by modcon86, Oct 29, 2015.

  1. I purchased a set of these hops from AMX in Bayswater and had them fitted a few days later by MadBiker which is just a few stores down.

    Tyres - on special at $300
    Fitting - standard labour rate (seemed a little high, but businesses gotta make money) $107 including $8 tyre disposal fee.

    First impressions only at this stage as they have just a few hundred clicks on them, all in good weather, through the Yarra Valley/Toolangi and around the burbs Balwyn/Box Hill with tram tracks etc.

    When I first got on the bike, it felt loose or spongy, like something was slightly undone... A sense of cushioning that made the bike feel a bit long and loose. Not a great initial impression. After the first 100km or so, I began to realise that part of this was just due to the bike being more mobile and turning in a lot quicker.

    The old meats were a few years old, and along with the 12000km I've used them in the past 3 months, they were well past used by. The Bandit 1250s is long and loose, after all, so the BT023s are just providing a lot more feedback. They want to dive on into corners, which is taking some adjusting to, but so far so good. Much more grip at this early stage, which is delightful.

    More to come once I'm fully scrubbed in.
  2. You got ripped of big time on fitting and tyre disposal!!
    I buy my michilen power super sport tyres from Scottys dirt bikes in Ringwood.
    Free fitting on tyres bought from him and fitted on the spot if wheels are loose!

    50.00 fitted for two wheels and balanced if wheels are on bike .

    No tyre disposal ever!!
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  3. I'd suggest that as being an ideal all round tyre for an all round bike like a Bandit....
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  4. #4 Hillsy, Oct 29, 2015
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    These were on mine from the dealer, didn't rate them to start, could not get any heat in them at all. I've since put over 8k on them and found they are a much better summer tyre, on a nice hot day they get sticky and feel much more sure.

    Still have pretty good tread depth too.

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  5. I'd be curious to know how they go in the winter riding in the rain and on the cold roads. Commuting through the yarra valley these days and winter is icy. I agree that they feel quite grippy in the warm weather.
  6. Like Hillsy, had them come standard on my MT07 as well.

    They are great in dry conditions, but found them to be fairly ordinary in anything else. I got 18k km from them (!) and then swapped to a set of PR4 - so much better!

    I'm onto my second set of PR4 now after getting 15k from the first.
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  7. Pity you don't live in Brisbane, a place here (are we allowed to post links?) has them $349 fitted and balanced.

    Most times you put new tyres on the bike feels more alive and ready to turn quicker. We nearly always flatten the old tyres as we wear them down which makes the bike more resistant to turning, put new tyres on and bang! We are back! It's a nice feeling I think.

    Interesting damedi that you prefer the PR4s, I think I might stick with them in that case.
  8. The BT023's are made for low temperature conditions - in fact, between warm-up and optimal temp conditions their grip doesn't change, and starts to drop considerably once they get above optimal. Unless you're riding upright at 30km/h, they'll be plenty warm enough on a cold/wet road. If you're uncomfortable, drop the air pressure a coupe of degrees to allow the carcass to flex more, thus generating and holding some more heat.
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  9. I had them on the front of my old bike and liked them a lot. There the only Radial front in appropriate size for my old girl with the 2.15 front rim.The rear avalable was way to big so I run a 140 Sports Demon rear.As I said I liked the front a lot, good grip in all conditions. I started with the 020 model then the 021 022 023 and I was told none of these are available anymore superseded by the T30. Had that on for 2000ks or so and still haven't made up my mind, doesn't feel as planted as the earlier tyres. Lots more grooves in the tread