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Bridgestone BT003R

Discussion in 'Tyres' started by PNUCKLE, Jan 6, 2011.

  1. I have only just put them on the bike done 0 k's but after leaving them leant against the shop wall in the sun while i paid for them, then trecked them to the car and put them down to open up the back of the ute, i pick them up to put them in only to find that stones were stuck to the rubber already!!!

    Oh these will be fun to thrash :biker:

    Keep you posted

  2. you'll be back in two days to buy a new set :rofl:
  3. Grip = $$ so i'll have tons of grip
  4. How did you find them leaning up against the shop wall?
    Any scary moments?

    I haven't leant mine up against any shop/house/cervical walls before so I'm really interested in hearing if they went well.
  5. LOL. Smart arse.
  6. Yeah there was a scary moment there when i had to pay for them...That was pretty scary

    As for you never had it against a cervical wall Danny umm theres a reason for that bud you like :butt:
  7. I found the BT002's took ages to warm and bed in. Any feedback on these?

    Perhaps for winter (up here), they'd be the perfect tyre.....how much?
  8. Took em out today for a scrub in with Realm and Jeimbo. Arthur's seat was the proving ground for these. Knees on the deck both sides first trip up.. Yeah i'd say they stick pretty well. Its a firm ride on them from a harder side wall but very impressed so far :biker:
  9. Going for a proper squirt tomorrow will get back with more info

  10. WOW!!!! These kick arse in the grip department! Very impressed and gaining more confidence after those yucky pures
    If you buy some of these i doubt you will be disappointed

  11. Can I ask how/where you got a pair? The guys I buy tyres from tell me that I need an MA license to buy a set.
  12. MA licence to buy tyres wtf? Dunno about that Stew never been told i cant buy a tyre before when i have cash in my hand. If so thats funny as fark pmplmgdao

  13. I recently bought a pair of 003s to go on my track bike but havent fitted them yet as i am still wearing out the 015s that came with my new 9,i also got a set of roadsmarts at the same time $620 to my door in 5 days for both sets.
  14. Love these on big bikes. Very high grip levels. Very progressive tip-in (not as quick or sudden as Michies). Stiffer sidewalls than most = confidence under brakes. [FLUX], you should be able to buy them without an MA licence, they're road legal and not slicks. YOU should have an MA licence and go play though!
  15. Just to be clear, I'm referring to the BT003R's as per the title of this thread, and not the BT003RS's (of which I've bought and used many times). I've been told that Bridgestone keep a strict policy on the sale of the R's, which are a track-compound performance tyre.

    You're right though. My situation, having changed as of about 3 months ago, means that acquiring an MA license is something I am free to do now without "strings".
  16. Flux, look up Mark Lamont. Mark supplied race rubber to most of the Victorian meets and was the only tyre rep at most of the club events I attended. He is based all around (he doesn't seem to have a set venue). The R's though go off very quickly, have very limited heat cycles and may not be what you want unless you're happy to change them frequently. They're also pretty crap in wet or cold weather. I used the BT002R for the SV until we were allowed to use slicks.

    NOTE: This information is 2yrs old.
  17. Me too. I have a set on one of the bikes. They're road legal.

    On that side note, awesome that you're thinking or racing (?).
  18. There good... but not as good as the Dunlop Q's. I have heard of a few lads complaining about them going off on the track. Three laps wonders haha.
    I should not say asI don't have them on my bike.
    I've always been a Pirreli fan. But my cash is going on the Q's this time.
    MA lic. To buy a set of tyres lmfao. Never had to show mine even to buy slicks off Bridgestone. I think they were yanking your chain
  19. i find after a few hard laps the tyres go off. and this is on my motard.

    so i can imagine on a sportsbike they go off easily.

    edit - talking about the RS. will be interested how the R's go.
  20. Hoping to get out on them to give them another squirt soon.