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Bridgestone BT-090 tyres... opinions?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by rob_, Feb 24, 2009.

  1. Dunlop GPR-A10, without a doubt

  2. Has to be the Bridgestone BT-090

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  3. You'll be happy with either, only Stoner could pick the difference between them

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  4. You'll hate them both, get the ...(specified in post)... instead

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  1. I'm looking to replace the tyres on my VTR250. It looks like i probably wont be upgrading in a huge hurry, so i thought I'd get some good rubber on it. I do the odd track day (one coming up soon...), with weekends being filled with mornington peninsula corners (work permitting). On some weeks i commute to uni 2/3 times in the week, each trip being about 90km return. i also do the odd two-up ride with the cheese and kisses.

    I've read the other threads on the alpha10, and they sound great, but i havent been able to find much info on the Bridgestone BT-090, which from excessive googling appears to be the only other alternative. are the bt-090s better mileage wise compared to the reportedly average a10? is their grip better or worse? i like to chuck the bike around, but i'm no Rossi. i rarely ride in the rain, so wet grip is not as big an issue. i'd love to hear the opinions of people who have ridden on them or have them on their bike. or are there other alternatives which are even better?

  2. I put several sets of the 090's on my 600 and loved em. Really solid front end feel and reasonable wear. Got as little as 3000km and a max of 8000km on a rear and usually did two rears to one front.

    Was a few years ago now though, so there is probably something better available by now.
  3. Dunnies are poo. Get the Bridgies.
  4. + 10000000000

    the Bridgies are a better tyre...

    but to be honest.. on a VTR, I'd just go with whatever you can buy cheaper
  5. turns out that the VTR250 originally comes with bias ply tyres, and i have read that it is not a good idea to move from a bias ply to a radial or vice versa with a bike. how true is this? any vtr owners find their bike felt funny on radials?

  6. Sorry Loz but you're talking out of your ass. Put aside your Bridgestone bias. The Dunlops have farkin awesome grip in wet or dry. :p The bridgies are fantastic too but to say Dunnies are Poo is pretty lame especially when the GPRA-10 is a control tyre in numerous race meets.
  7. The Dunlop Alpha 10's without a doubt. Excellent grip, as mentioned they are/were a control tyre for small capacity racing.
  8. Stupidest reply to a tyre thread ever. Dont know how you ride Warnabrother but some people like to lean their bike a little. :LOL:
  9. I read the same rob. Today I asked the mech at a honda dealership if that were true, he said nah shouldn't matter so long as front and back are the same type.
    However he also said I could expect around 16,000km from a set of GPRA-10's .........................

    What did you end up getting, how have they been?
  10. Oh yeah he also told me - which I am very skeptical of -
    the dual compound is useless on a 250, because it doesn't have enough torque to wear the tyre down anyway, and the tyre is going to become useless from aging & hardening before it gets worn from the bike using it.

    I told him I thought the dual compound would be suitable because I'm commuting daily, and it would give longer life riding on the middle so much, he said nah. I think he might have been wrong ....