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Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Gods Country, Feb 18, 2008.

  1. I have the option of 2, 3 lane bridges when bringing my new 1st bike home from the dealership, one of which does get windy at times, the other I don't use often so am not sure about the wind factor but being that they run parallel roughly a km apart it should be close.

    How much will the wind affect my ride on a 250?

    Am I likely to get shifted around the lanes?

  2. It could get a little wobbly but it shouldn't throw you out of your lane unless it's seriously windy. Grab the tank with your legs and loosen your upper half so you aren't being used as a sail. Have you asked about delivery instead of risking riding where you aren't comfortable?
  3. Depends on the strength of the wind really, a strong wind will move you around in your lane and if your not prepared for it possibly into the next lane. The 'normal' winds might move the bike a bit if you don't counter it with some lean.
  4. I might check the conditions on the way over and get someone to bring it back for me if it's too windy.

    Thanks guys
  5. Mate, you're worried about the wind??? I'd be more worried about the damn traffic idiots.

    Just ride it home... you've got to get used to 'wind' sooner or later :roll:
  6. i just picked up new bike and rode it from nowra to sydney and came across the captain cook bridge (is that the one yr taking?) and it was pretty windy and semi's were rumbling past and cutting me off. it was a bit scary but i just hung on and concentrated. i seemed to be able to stick to my lane with out any probs.
  7. Well Done Clair :wink:
    Those semi's can be very :eek:hno:
  8. Wind isn't too much of a problem, particularly if it's just a constant-strength wind causing you to ride on a slight lean. Grip the tank with your legs, as others have said.

    It's only the gusts which are scary.

    Be careful of leaving the "shadow" that large trucks can provide, too... If you're crossing a large bridge on a windy day, a truck on the upwind side of you will provide a lot of shelter... until you overtake it, and you're suddenly exposed to the full brunt of the wind.
  9. thanks vcm.
    i was gonna chicken out and get someone else to ride it back for me but read a post from Loz and he said somehting like 'puff up yr balls and do it' :shock:
  10. On coming road trains suck!! (Literally)
  11. Might just have to do that...
  12. hey you're from miranda, im the suburb over. We should go riding! Yeh captain cook is pretty nasty for wind. I've never noticed anything too bad on tom ugly's but honestly as long as you grab the tank with your knees, you don't have much to worry about, I've had a gust push the bike almost horizontal and i didn't get too effected. It's good fun.
  13. /\ runs through bablefish...

    Just do it..