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Brickbats to Yamaha World - SA!!!

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by Weasel, Aug 28, 2010.

  1. Hi Folks,

    Just thought I'd share my brother-in-law's recent extremely negative experience with Yamaha World:

    My brother-in-law resides in the Riverland and currently has a 1989 Yamaha TT 350 Road/Trail which recently had a full engine rebuild by a suitably qualified local bike mechanic.

    Being in the market for a second hand late model 450cc dirtbike, my brother-in-law decided to take advantage of the latest deals being offered by Yamaha and applied for a Yamaha Finance loan.

    As there is only one Yamaha dealership in the Riverland that only sells a few used bikes at a time he decided to journey to the big smoke to locate a suitable set of wheels.

    After pouring over the latest used stocks at each of Adelaide's Yamaha dealers he located a 2007 Yamaha YZ 450 at Yamaha World, complete with skull graphics kit.

    He decided to venture to Adelaide approximately 3 weeks ago, went and inspected the bike and paid a deposit. He also got a 10% discount on various items of gear, such as a new pair of boots and gloves etc. Unfortunately he was unable to bring the TT with him on this trip, but produced extensive photos of said bike, complete with receipts for all the recent work done on it. He was assured by the salesman that when he collected the new bike the following weekend that they would give him a trade-in of $2000 - $4000. Arrangements were also made for the workshop to complete a minor service and tune on the new bike in preparation for collection.

    Everything was hunky dory (or so he thought) and he returned to the Riverland with the intention of collecting his new bike the following weekend. Unfortunately there were some delays in the processing of his tax return, and he had to postpone collection for a few weeks.

    Earlier this week his tax return came through, and he rang Yamaha World to confirm arrangements. He was then told by the salesman that the bike he was planning to buy was on consignment, and despite agreeing to pay the full marked price the owner had changed his mind and no longer wanted to sell. However, they were quick to offer him a 2008 model Yamaha YZ 450F for the same price, and once again assured him that they would offer him a $2000 - $4000 trade in on his existing TT.

    This morning he arrived at Yamaha World to complete the above transaction and to take delivery of the 450F, only to be told by the salesman that it would be extremely difficult for them to sell his TT and as such they would only offer him $300 for it.

    Whilst most people would have told the salesman to take the deal and stick it in an orifice which is nigh on physically impossible my brother-in-law didn't want to waste his trip to Adelaide and decided to proceed with the purchase at the marked price (meaning he has had to extend his loan credit amount), and will now attempt to sell the TT privately.

    I realise that some people would suggest he should have sold the TT privately for market value prior to buying the 450F, but he was assured of a decent trade-in of $2000 - $4000.

    I have also heard of another friend who went to purchase a second hand Fazer 600 from the same store, which was advertised as including a bag rack. When he went to collect the said bike the bag rack was mysteriously missing, and the salesman promised to locate it in the workshop and then courier it to his address, none of which eventuated.

    I have also previously wanted to test ride two roadbikes from this store, only to be told by the salesperson that we would need to agree on a price first before I would be allowed to ride. When I told them that other reputable stores were willing to allow me to testride bikes of interest before discussing an agreed price etc. I was told "That's not the way we do business here." Needless to say I quickly hot-footed it out of the store and proceeded to purchase my current bike elsewhere.

    I just wanted to warn others of the above and pass on the recommendation to do your business elsewhere!


    "I feel the need.... the need for speed!"