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Brian Connor's Motorcycle Centre or Northside Motorcycles

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Bigchief, Sep 23, 2008.

  1. Anyone ever had their bikes serviced at Brian Connor's Motorcycle Centre or Northside Motorcycles?

    What do you think about them? My bike is due for its 12,000km soon and I am thinking about taking it somewhere else other than SCM, Lane Cove (where I normally have it serviced).

    At the moment I have no problem with SCM, Lane Cove. Just think they are a bit pricey. But other than that, I can fault them (yet)...

    I'm on the Northern Beaches....

  2. Haven't used either, I go with motorcycle weaponry in monavale.
  3. Don't think Brian's that cheap. But he's a passionate guy, and is never short of an opinion on what's best for your bike - he's booked solid so must be doing something right.

    But like Phiz, Weaponry at Mona Vale are who gets my business, not cheap, but know their stuff

    Just had a great accessory dealing with Northside, but haven't heard about their workshop.

    Also in Artarmon, Lloyd Penn who gets great wraps everywhere
  4. Thanks Guys. Yeah I have taken note of all the comments about Lloyd Penn both here and on SR. Was just wondering if anyone else had any experience with Brian Connor's Motorcycle Centre or Northside Motorcycles.

    Think I will go with Lloyd Penn and give SCM, Lane Cove a miss...although I don't really have a problem with them. Then again, I have had nothing major done there other than the regular service. Just think they are pricey.
  5. Just ring around and get some quotes - can recommend Connors that they do good work - but as advised no dealings with Northside
  6. I did....and I need a drink...A BIG drink....

    Lloyd basically says the Honda schedule is a bit overkill. They normally service the bike every 12,000km (so at 12,000km would have been it's first major service unlike Honda's schedule which is every 6,000km). So in between the 12,000km's they just do the normal stuff like oil & filter change, etc. etc. - $180....

    The 12,000km service Lloyd quoted at about $450 but they need up to a week to week and a half's notice.

    Called up SCM, Lane Cove. They can do the bike this Friday (which suits me better)....and quoted about $500....

    :shock: F.... a duck!!! (for both quotes)! :shock:

    Anyway I booked it for this Friday at SCM as there is only $50 difference and SCM can do it fairly soon.....

    Just for those who are interested - this is for a 12,000km service for a VTR250 (mine's 2006)
  7. So you didn't even call Connors or Northside :?
  8. No - no one on NR or SR could really give me some reliable feedback on either. So decided to stick with the devil I know... :LOL:
  9. brian is a douche!!! I went to see him for gear before i started riding and he tried to rip me off hard. said i needed a summer jacket, a winter jacket and a wet jacket, 2 helmets, 4 pairs of gloves and the list goes on. In terms of services not sure how he goes, but he's a douche lol

    APW seemed OK. Again, haven't had my bike serviced there, but some real cool guys that love their bikes!? As i say though, i'm going off first impressions, not servicing experiences or prices as such
  10. breathing new life.......

    Northside Motorcycles, be careful, sometimes their service is really good, other times you feel like a Vodafone customer. If the work is done quickly then you're in luck it’s a very sweet experience and the price is reasonable, but if it drags out over several weeks or a month’s then you can receive a very disappointing service with lots of conflicting information. Also don't expect them to return your calls, you have to call them for any updates on the work being done on your bike and if you do decide to question the information provided or pull them up on the miss information being given you expect a hostile tone, attitude and language in return.

    So be careful who you talk to there, some people I will not deal with and others I look forward to seeing again.
  11. Brian used to work for Carl at Northside many years ago,small world the bike scene