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Breva 750

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by robbie55, May 5, 2009.

  1. Am seriously considering purchasing a 2003 Breva 750 this weekend and just wanted to see if anyone could comment their experiences good or bad with this particular model or Guzzi's in general.

  2. The EFI is apparently a little 'how's your father' on the early stuff. Recently it is quite good though.
  3. I spent a few hours on one while waiting for my Tuono to be serviced. Initial impressions were good. Nice engine, smallish bike, everything works etc...

    Big downsides for me were the linked brakes; the front has next to no power, the rear has too much. The bias is to give make the rear brake the main stopper. The second and most concerning issue was that the bike jumped out of gear on me twice while engine braking; It happened once in a straight line and once going around a corner - dangerous and startling. I thought it was due to being too light on the gear lever but after punching it into gear and then rolling off the throttle it did it again. Not impressed.

    It might have just been that bike but I was turned off it after that experience.
  4. I'm on my 2nd Moto Guzzi and I love the bikes, they sound great, they look good and they are full of soul and character. They just make you feel good when you ride them.

    On the downside because the brand only has a small presence in Australia parts can sometimes take a while to get and there isn't much in the way of dealer support outside of major metro areas.

    There are strong and enthusiastic owners groups in most states which helps counteract that however.

    This is the link to the Moto Guzzi Club of Victoria web site, perhaps wander along to one of the meetings and ask your questions from the people there.



    Just realized you're in sydney... this is the link to the NSW group.