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Brendan Fevola-the guy must be brain dead

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by 2up, Oct 1, 2009.

  1. After all the controversy regarding his drunken display at the Brownlow and all the attention that folllowed regarding his sacking from Carlton ya reckon he just might do the right thing in front of the media frenzy that follows him around...
    But no !!! Good ol' Brendan takes his young daughter out on his motor scooter wearing shorts and singlet. I would hate to think what this poor little kiddie would look like even in a low speed incident.
    The bloke really is a moron.

  2. Normal Gold Coast clobber.
    That's what all the tourists wear up there when they hire a scoot.
    He would look like a tool all kitted up.
    Why should he be any different?
    (not saying it's right)
  3. Umm… because he knows the media is looking for its next lynching opportunity and if he has two brain cells to rub together…
    O.K. I’ll stop right there.
  4. Fair enough for "grown ups" to get around like that but kids should be in a minimum of jeans and jacket.
  5. Point is he is no different to any other tourist. There is no requirement to get kitted up when hiring a scooter.
    If you are at a tourist destination wearing shorts and singlet and there are scoots for hire will you not do it?
    I know I or anyone else would do the same.
  6. If you are a tourist wher would you conjure up a jacket considering that on the gold coast you dont even need a license to ride a scoot under 50cc
  7. He should be doing the right thing by his kid.
  8. He's a disgrace to The Might Blues is all I'm gonna say.
  9. Why? who are YOU to judge what is right?
    Apart from another attempted troll I find it impossible to believe that you actually believe what you have written.
  10. Yup. That's pretty normal up here. See people all the time on hired scoots, wearing the legal minimum.
    Really, there's nothing to see here.
  11. Jeans and jacket should be the minimum for kids on the back.
  12. Who really cares what football players do anyway. Too much media attention IMO.

    You seem surprised that he's not Einstein. He's a football player.

    And pfft. I don't care what tourists hiring scooters on the gold coast do - the operators don't hand out a full kit of safety gear. Just cause he's some knob who gets paid to kick around a footy, I don't care any more or less.

    You should steer away from holidaying there or in Bali - you'll spend all your time being outraged at people on scooters and won't enjoy yourself at all.
  13. Ha, i think i've seen two scooter riders ever wearing gear. And who cares? Yeah, dont go to vietnam either, you'll see about ten kids like that per scooter.
  14. I couldn't care what adults wear on bikes, they are old enough to make an informed decision. Couldn't give a rats bum if they come off and require skin grafts. But if you're a parent you have a duty of care to see that your child is safe. Taking your kid on the back of a bike wearing only shorts and a singlet is not my idea of looking after a child properly.
    I could be wrong. Just wondering what you guys dress your kids in when you take them for a spin????
  15. Yeah!
    Boots, full, black leathers, knee-sliders, gloves, neck-brace, full-face helmet with visor down, one of those jackets with the airbag thingies built into it... on a +30 degree day.
  16. What do wear when riding on a 30+ degree day?
  17. He isn't breaking any rules. Your moral standards, maybe, but certainly nothing illegal. I bet even with gear some people would be shocked to see the kid even on a scooter.
  18. We have the freedom to wear whatever level of safety gear we want, beyond a helmet. Squidding on a hot day can be pure bliss. Sorry to offend your sensibilities, but it's lovely.

    Besides, your avatar has a pillion on, and neither of them are even wearing helmets!
  19. Long trip:
    Sneakers, jeans, mesh jacket, gloves, full-face.

    Short trip:
    Sneakers, shorts, T-shirt, full-face.
  20. who is this guy? good player in aerial ping pong? I was impressed with how pissed he was and that ch 9 didn't cut away.

    "pressure point, pressure point"...