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Brembo discs

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by stan, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. Hi all,

    i purchased a set of 320mm brembo gold line discs off e-bay, and on reciept of the part they don't seem right.

    My Qn is this: should the inner carrier be free to move in a lateral direction (as in side to side) in relation to the disc, or should they by tight.
    the carrier is free to move about 3-4mm. It feels fine in the fwd, back direction.

    Discs are off a 98 900ss if that is of any help

    Any advice is greatly appreciated, as i have yet to leave feedback, and don't want to put them on my bike if they are sub standard.


  2. Can you post a sketch of what you are describing? I have Brembos on my Duke and can check.
  3. hell no, the most amount of movement you should get from these is 1-2 THOUSANDS of an inch, virtually undetectable by the human eye, if the movement is 3-4 mm the buttons are knackered and it needs to be re buttoned, between $10 and $15 a button depending where you go.

    i would be talking to the seller as if you didnt ask and fitted them to your bike they could quite easily bind on the break pads, lock a wheel and cause an off (i know of 3 bikes this has happened too)
  4. Actually Slugie 1-2 thou is all that is allowed for a semi floater style disc (600-750 cc range usually economy models)

    On a full floater 2 - 3 mm is allowed as at the back of the button there is a belville washer to centre the disc against the button

    The Full floater Brembos especially Gold line which is one step below a full race disc does allow that 2-3 mm of float as long as there is no forward or aft movemrnt as Stan suggested this disc should still be okay

    By the way if you are still worried stan a quick trip over to planet discs/ aussie discs in bayswater will allay your worries

    Good luck with it Stan
  5. Brucey,
    your a ledgend mate. that is great news, but to be sure will run it by planet disc to allay my concerns before fitting them to my bike.

    Cheers everyone for your help