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Breathtaking spin doctors spin of the day!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by CFVFR, Jan 22, 2012.

  1. "this is not about cost, it's about improving our skill caperbility by leaveraging global scale of Sourcing providers" a spokesperson said.

    This was taken from the app version of the Herald Sun reporting of the fact that Westpac (some) staff are having to 'transfer knowledge' to flown in Indian workers so that they will do their job back in India. These long term former Westpac workers are then retrenched it seems.

    Now read it again.
    That my friends is well spun spin! Government would be very proud.
    What a load of balls! Regardless of what you hate about banks. Not about cost, my arse. Where does it end?

  2. :( An appalling indictment of Australian banking in one statement.

    Outsourcing jobs.
    Reducing security and legal jurisdiction clarity.
    Explaining it all with management glib garbage.
    Give themselves a management pay bonus.

    Shameful. :(
  3. Sadly CF it won't end until the CEO him/herself is replaced by an overseas worker for half the pay.

    Sorta like that movie where we get to rely on computers until one day we wake to find we now work for them.
  4. It's more about the breathtaking bullsiht spin that got my head spinning!

    Imagine teaching someone your job after doing it for x number of years, knowing that this person will do your job for a minimal amount of pay?
  5. It would be refreshing to have banks/telcos/airlines etc just be honest and say they are moving some sections overseas because of cost. It would certainly give them more credibilty than the horseshit they currently shovel out.

    I suppose on the flip side what we need to understand is that we are in a global market and there are few sections of the workforce that could not be affected by the cheap labour costs available in other regions - how we can combat this I'm not sure but to a certain degree to simply stick our heads in the sand and/or say we are owed a living is not really going to win any long term arguments - we somehow need to establish that what we can provide is in some way better value than what can be offered elsewhere.

    For a long time Aus has been a primary and service industries (we have never really been a big manufacturing nation) but as education and technology improves our jobs in the service sector tend to be eroding.
  6. Okay so your getting outsourced

    Teach the person the wrong way to do it
  7. And here we go again, into the outsourcing cycle.
    Give it 3-5 years until errors, security breaches and general customer dissatisfaction force them to bring it back in-house...

    In the meantime, I wonder who these people think they're fooling with their spin?
  8. My wife is a spin doctor. It's amazing the level of verbal acrobatics they can perform.

    As an accountant, I understand the need to outsource. Labour costs are a company's biggest cost, especially in manufacturing and services industries. When i worked in manufacturing it ended up being a toss up between outsourcing and surviving, or staying local and financially bleeding a slow, slow death. We went with the later option and ended up going out of business. The company was a 120 year old company. Quite sad really.

    People want cheap goods/services (eg, bunnings and woolies) but complain when businesses use whatever methods they can to deliver the savings. Can't win really.
  9. They're not trying to deceive anyone, they're simply attempting to minimise service disruption and customer inconvenience by utilising calming language to better communicate the necessity of this measure, thereby ensuring a smooth transition :).

    Not my best work, but I'm too lazy to expend any real effort on this one :p.
  10. We are talking about WESTPAC which has profits that run into the BILLIONS, save us the "spin" when it comes to these cases ok it's insulting.

    Edit: not directed at Snuffer sorry that came out a bit harsh.
  11. See, why couldn't THEY just say that?!
    But I'd still like to see the use of such terms as "proactively" and "moving forward"...
  12. Oh my, I did even worse than I thought! Let me amend it to:

    "They're not trying to deceive anyone, they're simply attempting to minimise service disruption and customer inconvenience by proactively utilising calming language to better communicate the necessity of this measure, thereby ensuring a smooth transition. Moving forward from this point, they will -as always- endeavour to exceed the goals set out in their client satisfaction policy, because they realise how essential you are to their business."

    It still needs work, I know, but I have this thing about not using/needing more than one postage stamp when I send someone their bill :(.
  13. Maybe instead of 'simply attempting', something like, 'Continuously striving' might be better. Feels a bit like 'just trying' otherwise.

    Probably also needs a 'working through together', 'investigating thoroughly' and an 'unreserved apology' in there somewhere too. :p

    And OP's example makes a leggie bouncing out of the rough look like an armball...
  14. Nice, but too long!6/10
  15. I'm a commie at heart so I agree with you, just mentioning that I've seen what happens when you compete with cheap labour :]

    Banks make me sick.
  16. ... Slightly OT.....

    I work for a large Corp... HR functions were outsourced overseas...there was a problem with a staff members leave application.... Outsourced contact did not understand the issue.... Outcome was that the "naughty staff member should be reprimanded for demanding leave!!". WTF.... ](*,)

    Pay functions were also outsourced.... And tax issues were not handled appropriately for some staff on once off bonus payments. Not good when dealing with ppls pay... Was left to the individuals to sort out.

    ... And that's just a couple of examples....!!
  17. I know, I know, it's rather flawed. But it was bodged up on the fly, so what do you expect?

    Oh, wait, that should read something like, "For the purpose of efficiency and to maximise the effective distribution of person-hours..."
  18. To be fair, I've regularly been on the receiving end of similar levels of incompetence with all such functions being handled locally. In some cases I could, at least, go and hammer on someone's desk until the issue was resolved but it's still not possible to do that when you're, say, working FIFO in the Pilbara and HR/Payroll are in Perth or Melbourne.
  19. So this is all YOUR fault then, Pat?

    "Look out, Pat's on the rampage again and looking for payroll. QUICK, MOVE THEM TO INDIA!!!"
  20. Nah. We engineers are quite placid for the most part, although we can get a little tetchy if our ability to buy beer is compromised :D.