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Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Mizz ZZR, Jun 1, 2005.

  1. I went out for a spurt today in the freezing cold, and was STUNNED to find a couple of police cars just on the Sunbury side of Riddells Creek pulling everyone up for a breath test...... It was 2pm!!!! What the?

    Just thought 2pm on a Wednesday was a bit keen....
  2. :LOL: obviously they get on it early over there :shock: no stress on a weekend, but a wednesday is pretty keen :LOL:
  3. Don't think it really matters what day or time it is. I got breath tested on Clayton Rd at 10am on a Tuesday morning. It wasn't a public holiday the day before, so I couldn't see them picking up too many that had a big night before
  4. That'll be the post Liquid Lunchtime crowd.
  5. I got breath tested on the outskirts of Coonabarabran in the Central West of NSW one morning at 7:45! Only the cop and me and the cows were awake, and I don't know about them, but I hadn't been drinking.
  6. You'd be surprised how many they pick up with these odd-time jobs. Most of the ones they do pick up are waaaaay over too. It also reminds people that there is no 'off peak' time where you can safely go out sloshed. Power to them. :)
  7. I can understand being tested at 745 in the morning. Many people are coming home drunk at that time or are still over the limit from a skinfull the night before.
  8. sadly enough i know of someone who is an alcoholic who drives a big 4wd with bullbar and who is always over the limit any time of the day that id wish they would catch. sad to wish it on someone i know.......... :(
  9. If they were'nt catching them ,the police would'nt do what they are!

    They too have better things to do! And lives of their own!
  10. I tend to drive or ride sober.
    100 % petrolhead.

    Now if they could analyse garlic, I would be in trouble. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    That's what they usually get when I blow into the tube. hehehe
  11. Early morning RBT

    I saw a two police car RBT in a quiet suburban street at 6.30am on a work Tuesday. If the cops think that they are going to catch someone leaving home for work and still over the limit after a bender on a Monday night, then that is very worrying. Maybe it was an experiment to see what they would get.
  12. Re: Early morning RBT

    I think the cops are aware that pulling breathos in quiet streets at 6:30am on a work morning won't catch to many people. But word of it spreads very quickly (ie your post), and people become aware that cops may do breathos anytime - not just after drinking hours... it's quite smart actually.