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breath in, breath out and dont break nothin

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by SD6, Feb 13, 2005.

  1. i just picked up my first bike the other week,
    i'm just courious on how you people supress you road rage,
    i had a friend in a car come up behind me and strated harassing me,
    i didn't know it was him, i was too busy trying to stay calm,
    after about 5 minutes i ended up jumping on the picks and pulling up next to his window and sending my glove through it.
    i only realised it was him after he calle me and abused me for breaking his window.

    now i can't keep going on doing that, wat do u guys do to stay calm wen people piss you off, or do you just let them cop it?
  2. Laugh at them as you lane split past them, it annoys them plenty :)
  3. Most road users (cars) are ignorant of bikes. Get used to this fact, then get over it... learn to be faster, smarter and better than them and keep your cool buddy, see.. easy! :roll: :D
  4. yeah it's hard, i just sold my 4WD (BIG LIFT, BIG WHEELS). and i was really aggresive on the road, and couldn't stand idiots!
  5. I nearly had sooo many incidents in the first few months of riding that I thought it was because I was bad/new at riding my bike. Now I realise that it was because I wasnt thinking for other road users.
    Theres been times where I have come close to snapping off a mirror or stopping the bike in traffic and hammering the offender - but in just keeping distance between them and myself, minutes later I realise what trouble I could of got myself into and how it wouldnt be worth it. The amount of times I would of been before a constable explaining me reaction to an idiot driver, wouldnt have helped if they were brought up in court should somehting serious of happened to me.
    We are the minority, and lets face it we dont have a good public image.

    Just count backwards from 100000 :LOL:
  6. thats a good idea,

    but i can't count that far...

    i'm lucky to count to 11 with my hands in my pocket....
  7. Just do what Dazza does and kick their doors in :D

    Personally, I'm too cool, calm and collected to do that stuff but I love watching others do it :D
  8. i have panel beated the side of a car with my boot , and it got me in serious trobule with the police , it aint worth it let me tell you.
    you have the grunt to leave him in your wake , so leave him behind (look out for coppers) , or if in traffic , give him a mouth full and lane split away .
    dont mess with idiots , one tap from a car and you could be seriously injured or dead and the outcome is not worth the cause , give a verbal spraying is exceptable in my books , but dont touch them or there cars .
    (sheepisly goes and hides my collection of mirrors and antenna's) :LOL:
  9. well from my experience with the wonderfull members of the cage sect here in Victoria i have learnt one very important fact, unless they have a pic or video of you removing there mirror no charges can be pressed (as long as you deny it all)
    Having said that 95% i lane split away from the idiots, even if i'm doing 60kph+, just get away and stay away from them.

    (now i go off to compare my collection to groberts collection and see what i can trade :))
  10. And you all wonder why car drivers resent riders.

    There is no excuse for not looking out for riders but when they make an honest mistake it souldn't have to cost them $1000 repairing a door skin.
  11. you are spot on vic ,
    but in the rage at the time and not thinking straight this thing comes over you and its just pure rage .
    it isnt in my nature to be like that , but i couldnt stop myself , i lost it completely when i did it , i think the scare that i got (serious scare) , just pushed me past the point .
    I look back and think now how stupid it was , and how angry i was and dont like what i saw that day .

    when i did mine , i was pushed of the road into parked cars , when i got up to the car and started spraying him , he told me to go away and waived his hand like saying "shoo"
    this to me didnt disfuse the situation but made it worse , he was arogant and didnt care that he nearly killed me , and he nearly did.

    it did get me in a lot of trouble with the police and the outcome wasnt exactly great but generally if i get cut off or something and the driver says sorry or wqaves to appoligies it disfuses the situation , but when they flip you the bird or tell you to fruit off , wel thats when i start increasing mirror sales in that model for the day .

    it wrong and there is no excuse , but it makes me feel a hell of a lot better and maybe next time a sorry instead of abuse will come out of his mouth next time.
  12. One thing I have started to do lately when I get cut-off or otherwise 'offended' by a cage - I lane-split up to them at a set of traffic lights, knock on their window (if up of course), and very politely say something to the effect of "if you are going to change lanes could you use an indicator, and also do a head check. You nearly hit me x number of times in the past 100 meters."

    I have found this to be effective for most people who will end up saying 'sorry' - though I must admit to being a bit of a whimp and targetting only people who seem like they would actually care and who honestly just made a mistake (rather than the people who actually harass riders).
  13. Friend?

    You need new friends.

    He won't do that again in a hurry.

    Like you said. Breathe in, breathe out.
  14. Your "mate" acts like a dangerous prick and complains about the reaction? Serves him right. You were perhaps a little extreme but I don't blame you for reacting to the provocation. He went out of his way to be dangerous, you showed him the errors of his way. And no, don't pay for the new window.

    I've been in various situations, some I regret my actions, most I don't. My life is more important to me than some car part. I do love the considerate people out there though and I do my best to show appreciation be it a nod or wave. It all balances out, hopefully in our favour...
  15. well the problem is that him and i used to play in a 4wd's on the road(like dodge em cars). now he's got no idea how damgerous bikes are, he dose now.
    but he thought it was funny at the time,
    i can safely bet he'll never do that to another bike rider agian.

    no i'm not paying for the window, but i am going to take him for a ride and show him the dangers of the road; ie: stupid drivers!
  16. Good idea SD6, that first near miss is sure to open his eyes.