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Breasts on a plane... ooooh don't get involved

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Bonk, Oct 1, 2009.

  1. Halfway through this story there should be this:

    'They were interrupted by another passenger who addressed the flight attendant, "Excuse me, she has every right to to that here, and no-one minds because we are mature adults. You are being ignorant and inconsiderate. Please stop harassing this woman."
    The flight attendant promptly retreated to the kitchen amidst thunderous applause from other passengers.'

    Assertiveness is becoming as rare as common sense, it seems.

  2. Maybe covering the flight attendant with a blanket might have been a better option?
  3. Anyone remember that policy that Air NZ and Qantas used to or maybe still have, that banned men from sitting next to a child on the plane, out of fear or sexual assault?

    Moral of the story, if something like this happens on a plane, cause a shitstorm, dont be quiet about it.
  4. Tony wrote Maybe covering the flight attendant with a blanket might have been a better option?

    ..... or at least shuttting her bossy, inconsiderate, ignorant, demeaning, offensive etc, mouth :roll:
  5. +1 Bonk. I thought the same thing...would have told her to get back in her hole.
  6. Attendant should have been more than disciplined, she should also have been publicly humiliated by outing her name and posting a picture of her in the paper.
    Tiger airlines are a joke.
  7. I agree with the policies of Tiger Airlines.
    I don't think we need womens breasts shoved down our throats during air travel.
  8. I don't need to see womens tits out on planes, trains, in restaurants...whatever!!. For goodness sake.... if the baby needs feeding then the woman should find a toilet or rest room for their own privacy (and eveyones elses!!) :roll:

    .... or plan the feed by expressing milk prior to the journey!!

    It's great that breast feeding is still so popular... but just keep yer tits to yourself thanks!!! =;
  9. Interesting that everyone jumps all over the flight attendant, how do we know that she wasn't following the Airline policy?

    A new policy was introduced a a result of the complaint? So why was the attendant disciplined?
  10. Cause the masses need a fresh sacrifice to keep them happy.

    Im a big fan of boobs, by cant stand small kids on planes. Why cant there be a crying section near the rear of the plane, like in cinemas?

    Also, breast feeding at work. Doesn't sound like a big deal, but WTF?! is a baby doing at work?
  11. I'd love to see them on flights, better than an inflight movie.
  12. It surprises me to find such a narrow minded and ignorant attitude, especially from a woman.

    A toilet on a plane/bus/train/restaurant? Yeah great place to feed a baby. :roll: Why don't you go try eating your dinner in there.

    Expressing milk is all well and good, but not always possible for numerous reasons. And having to rely on flight attendants on possibly multiple connecting flights to store, refrigerate and warm it for you when needed? Not to mention babies don't always take to a bottle well.

    Furthermore, there is rarely any more to be seen when a baby is feeding than you'd see in any run of the mill low cut top FFS.

    I don't understand how people can be so uptight. Oh no, feeding a baby! Lets banish you to an unclean, unhygenic, stinky and cramped toilet rather than risk the chance that we might see *gulp* SKIN! :tantrum:
  13. lol to those who can't handle breastfeeding in public.

    Do you freak out at people exposing ankles? This is not a sexual thing, it is the most natural thing in the world. It's your problem you can't handle it, not the fault of the mothers. You don't expect to have to eat in the shitter why should a baby?
  14. ..we are all entitled to our opinions!!... I merely "expressed" mine!!....
  15. I agree, a there always seems to be one flight attendant on a flight that’s a real Nazi type, on some power trip.

    But try and argue, etc, I bet you'll find your ass on some list as a difficult passenger. With all the crap that’s been happening since 9-11, air crew most probably have been given quite a lot of power, hence the attitude that I have noticed quite frequently, some airlines definitely worse than others. Argue too much, or kick up too much of a fuss and you could be seen as disruptive, aggressive, etc. and may even find yourself in some hot water when the plane touches down.

    So in short, had the same scenario played out in a restaurant, it would have been much more of a reality, IMO, to argue, be assertive or stand up against the waiter/ess instead of a flight attendant.
  16. Well if you'd expressed your opinion to the mother of my children on the numerous flights we had to take overseas with my kids, you'd have been on the receiving end of my non-PC uncensored opinion I can assure you. Thankfully the law thinks little of your opinion.

    I suppose you wear a burkah to the beach?
  17. ... glad you are such a SNAG mate!!.... =D>
  18. We live in a liberal society last I looked, and as I'm pro choice I see no drama with breast feeding in public, if it makes me feel uncomfortable I am pretty sure I can manage to look in a different direction.

    Such a bs thing to get you nickers in a knot, asking her to cover up or do it in a bathroom is just plain rude and arrogant.
  19. Brisbane to Perth is a long enough flight that it would be nigh on impossible to not have the kid need a feed.

    Maybe passengers would have preferred the howling of a hungry baby instead.
  20. "I have had it with these mother****ing breasts on this mother****ing plane!".