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breastfeeding woman driving and on mobile pulled over

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by waedwe, Mar 1, 2009.

  1. The Michigan woman was arrested May 8 after a trucker reported tipped off police officers that he had seen a woman driving with a baby in her lap close to this Midwestern town, 50km southeast of Cleveland.

    Ohio state troopers caught up with Donkers on I-80 outside Ravenna, northeast Ohio, but were forced to trail Donkers for 5km, their lights flashing and sirens wailing, before she pulled off the highway.

    Donkers finally turned off the highway, but only after getting on the mobile phone with her husband and consulting him about what she should do, and scribbling down notes of his instructions, according to court testimony
    :shock: :shock: :shock:
  2. lol nutcase
  3. what a dumb religion, nearly as dumb as scientology
  4. You think that the extent of idiocy has been reached and then in a screaming flash our eyes are opened wider to the abilities of the human spirit to out do those who came before them. :shock:
  5. "... at which she argued that her husband was the head of her household, and the only one entitled to punish her."

    If only.......! :LOL:
  6. Once again religion convinces (what would likely be) otherwise normal people to do something completely fcuking insane.
  7. At least she choose breastfeeding over formula
  8. Yeah but scientologists are morons with a lot of money


  9. travolta has a lot of money but hes minus a son

  10. How the hell did you dredge up this article? It's over 5 years old!
  11. hmmm 2003 must have been a newer 1 i saw then, it was on the news a few nights ago and i searched it didn't look at the date on web page,
  12. Sorry I was thirsty.
  13. It still astounds me that seemingly intelligent people can't see through Scientology. It's not like it's some 2000 year old religion which roots are hard to trace or anything, it was started in the 1950s! And he was a bloody science fiction writer who started a religion based on aliens!! Hello, warning signs flashing!!!