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Breaking up 'cos things are going tooo well

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Paulstar3, Jul 22, 2010.

  1. It happens!

    Who's done it and why?

    Who's it been done too and what do you think of the person that did it?


    *NOT a whingey look at me thread
  2. This is the dumbest thing Ive heard all week!
  3. Um, who on earth would do that?

    I know I've lied a little to break up with guys sometimes when I don't see a future or they just started annoying me, but I never told them things were too good :-s

    (and that was 8 years ago or something - very young!)
  4. Things were going too well between me and a girl a few years back. We were enjoying each others company far too much, our interests were too in synch, I was a baritone and she a soprano.

    When the day came along that we were sitting together, alone, under the shade of a palm tree, watching the sunset on a deserted beach and she told me that she was finally content, I told her to hit the trail.

    I'm not a woman pleaser, and I never intend to be.
  5. LOL. I bet ya got down on one knee and asked her to marry you :) and den you guys lived happily . ever . after awwwwwwwwww

    You're a big softie, boy.racer ;)
  6. Never been in that position meself.

    However I have been in the position to consider whether contentment / security was enough to keep a relationship going, or whether more sparks were necessary.
  7. hilarious =]
  8. See bachelor thread :rofl:
  9. That is one of the most rediculous things i have heard lol?
    I'm having a great time.. things are going well!.. but to well.. cya!
  10. Things suddenly started going much better then normal.. Then I found I was talking her twin sister out instead of her :p
  11. +1

    IMO sparks are needed.
  12. Conversation, passion, great sex and humour are all needed.

    If you let them go - you're an idiot.
  13. What if the conversation grates and the sex is humourous?
  14. Or a playstation. Then you don't notice if the sparks are missing.
  15. What if the person's a little less conversation, a little more action?

  16. worse things have happened. and funny sex = having fun :D
  17. Pfft, all irrelevant anyway...girls in their 20s still want to marry George Clooney, what you should be looking for is somebody that you could stand to look at in bed, as well as somebody that you don't have to constantly impress.

    i.e. A fat dude with a bag over his head and a pic of Clooney stuck on the bag.
  18. nope, not george cloony, dodgy fark.

    nom nom nom - a cross between these two guys:
  19. Ah, now i get the funny sex reference!

    A few fart jokes and a stand up routine as foreplay.

  20. Yeah, If I fart in bed does that count as funny sex?

    Also, is that first pic Seth Rogen?