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Breaking the lurking habit

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by GuzziNeil, May 13, 2008.

  1. Hi all,

    First post from a long time lurker.

    I've been riding for most of my 36yrs, originally in the north of England but gave up after I finally realised that there are more appropriate means of transport when there's a foot of snow on the road. At that point, made the move from old, oil-leaking bikes to old, oil-leaking land rovers.

    Returned to bikes when I moved to Aus 12 years ago, generally commuting and the very occasional "proper" ride. I've crawled through Sydney's awful traffic on all manner of bikes, from a CB250 when I was doing the "L" thing to a ZZR1200 via Viragos and even a Peugeot scoot [stick to cars Peugeot thanks!].

    Rekindled my love of the classics, but cheated when I bought a new Bonnie [just like my old one but with effective brakes and no oil slick in the garage]. Now supplemented by a new MG Breva v1100. Not my first guzzi, but it's been long enough for me to forget all the hours the others spent in pieces in the shed.

    With the kids now older and able to entertain themselves, I'm looking forward to doing some longer weekend rides and weeks away.

    Cheers :beer:,


  2. Neil, you are very welcome at Netrider, and certainly will be welcome at our many social events, at which, I'm sure, you will be able to regale the attendees with tall tales and true about the days of yore, and bikes best forgotten :LOL:.
  3. hi and welcome to NR
  4. Good evening ol' chap, from England