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Breaking the law = Accidents?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by evilooliver, May 12, 2006.

  1. Have had an accident, NEVER broken the Law

  2. Have had an accident, But HAVE broken the Law

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  3. Have NOT had an accident, but HAVE broken the Law

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  4. Have NOT had an accident, and have NOT broken the law

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  1. http://www.roadsafety.mccofnsw.org.au/a/38.html

    I was just wanted to see if ‘breaking the law’ means you’re more likely to have an accident. Obviously if you go at 300km, you have an increased chance, but just at normal speeds (commuters), i wonder what the odds are...

    NRMA released some statistic that you’re 30 times more likely to have an accident if you EDIT [RIDE] a motorbike.

    I wonder if the odds change if you have never broken the law. (Including speeding) or are does it not make a difference? It would not make a difference when other cars hit you guys, but could single bike crashes be avoided? Is it possible to beat the odds? Is it mainly an “attitude” thing? Interested in [positive] comments…..

    *for this purpose lets assume lane splitting is legal

    I will let it run over the weekend....
  3. Do you mean "have broken the law" as a blanket thing, in which case I doubt anyone could say they've never accidently hit 61 in a 60 zone. Or are you asking if we were breaking the law at the time which would be far more relevent.

    I have been hit by a car, but was not breaking any laws at the time. I've been known to exceed speed limits on occaision but have not stacked at the time. I'll vote when we know what it is you want to know. :)
  4. ^^^yeps, tend to agree here. There have been a few times when pushing it a bit in the twisty bits where the speedo has been at least 20km/h over the posted limit. That it of course illegal but I didn't have an accident.

    I’ve had a prang but I wasn't breaking the law at the time. Well.....technically I was "riding without due care and attention" (damn you stress! :evil: ) so that is by definition illegal but I was by no means being reckless.
  5. I would say just generally, not granny style.
    I will say the majority of the time if you’re breaking the law or not. Not just when you had the accident. 61 in a 60 zone is not really what I mean, 70+ in a 60 zone would be breaking the law (in this poll).
  6. Every accident I have had I wasn't breaking any laws, apart from 'Failing to maintain control of vehicle' :LOL:

    Seriously though, all my accidents have (luckily) been SVA's, and all below or at posted speeds, but in all cases too fast for the conditions of the road, weather, and my bike.

    as we all know, a simple blanket rule such as

    Legal != safe
    Illegal != unsafe

    just doesn't apply in the real world. That's why all the TAC ads are such bullcrap.
  7. the only accident I have had was a little Asian(politically correct) lady chucked a u-turn in front of me and put me up over the bonnet and thru the windscreen.(she drove off and left me for dead) After a full shoulder reconstruction including making a new bal and socket, 9 months off work and her driving off I would say that no matter where and when you ride you have to think for the cagers as well

    Cross your fingers and hope for the best cos cagers dont give a shit :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:
  8. In which case, yes I've had the stack but not a law breaker and cast vote accordingly.

    That said, although at the time I was 100% legaly in the right, I could have prevented it by being a little more paranoid and not legally splitting a row of parked and a row of stopped cars at 60kph.
  9. Nobody (except myself - because i cant ride) has never broken the law and never had an accident :shock:
  10. Not breaking the law is questionable and open to interpretaion. Having an accident is par for the course in this game. :wink:
  11. Meh - i'm off to bed - night all
    Have safe rides over weekend.....
  12. I don't like the way all of these organisations use statistics to 'prove' this habit or that technique will cause accidents. Using their methodology you could 'prove' that eating in the twenty four hour period prior to riding will lead to an accident.
    They only point out the number of speeding/ whatever riders who crash; they never point to the number of riders who do exactrly the same thing without crashing.
    And to say that travelling at 110ks along a six lane freeway affords you the same level of safety as travelling at 110ks along the road between Roma and St. George is just ridiculous.
  13. I break the law all the time(Nothing major) but the two times i've had an accident (Car and bike) i was actually under the speed limit by about 10-20kmh and obeying all the road rules
  14. There's a trend there! Quick, take it to Bracksy and say that going 10-20km/h under the speedlimit CAUSES accidents.
  15. So er, did you find her?
  16. The only time I had an accident that got me seriously hurt I was travelling 5 kph UNDER the limit on the Tulla past a parked cop car when the guy behind rearended me, put me down the road and then unable to outbrake a sliding motorcyclist hit me again with his wheel. When I went to get up I found his radiator in the way.

    Vietnamese in a yellow toyota. If we had bombed em with cars instead of high explosive the war would have lasted a week.
  17. I have to agree with some of the other posters in this thread, there is at least 2 options missing .
    *where you breaking the law when you had an accident*
    *did another driver/rider (lawbreaker) contribute to your accident/s*

    I have had my share of accidents but I was not breaking the law when i went down, however the two cages ( on different occasions ) where proven to be breaking the law *police charges proved in court*
    As well as I have gone down whilst obeying the law but due to road conditions the bike wanted no part of it
    eg: hitting a oil patch at a *T* intersection ......... which is technicaly no ones fault ...... and goes in the shit hapens basket.

    And I have broken the traffic rules on the odd occasion :twisted:
    and been cought and paid my dues etc

    yet your poll doesn't cover these options and i'd say these would be the more common answers from reading the prevous posts etc

    so i cant put my vote in, as my senarios arn't covered :p

  18. No surprises there. It should stand to logic that traveling significantly slower than the majority of traffic leaves a greater chance that you will be rearended of subjected to dangerous overtakes by frustrated motorists. As far as I'm aware you can still be booked for it if you don't have a good reason and are holding up trafic.
  19. mate a bit hard when you laying in the gutter with a fractured cheek socket, multiple cuts and your right fingers touching your left whist your right arm is behind your back left arm fully extended. the only way I new she was asian was I glimpsted her face as I nearly kissed her thru the windscreen :evil: :evil: :evil:
  20. YEah fair enuf, but you dinted the car, fair chance of you or the cops tracking her down. And something the cops take seriously enough so that they are likely to try.