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Breaking Point

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Sir Skuffy, Apr 28, 2005.

  1. Morning all, :)

    Yes, I am back for the occassional visit, but not to get involved in discussions. Now if you dont like what I am writing, tough, I dont bloody care. Some of us are tired of constantly looking for that next accident. :(

    Just wanted to share something with people out there that have had enough of car and truck drivers trying to wipe us out.

    - 7:15am this morning
    - Princess Fwy near Millers Rd Exit
    - Travelling up right lane
    - Truck changes lane in front of me without indicating :shock:
    - Driver looks me in the eyes as this happens :evil:
    - Breaking hard and nearly crashing into the concrete barrier on my right
    - Recover and swerve around the truckie
    - Pull out in front and stop QUICKLY :p
    - Truckie skids to halt, blue smoke everywhere 8)
    - Climb off bike and walk toward trucking, visor lid up :x
    - Point at him to jump out of cab
    - Does not
    - Walk to door, it is locked
    - Punch and dent door
    - Motion for him to come out, not interested
    - Smash front headlight, threatens me through window of cab with metal pipe
    - "BRING IT ON" I gesture :twisted: :twisted:
    - Nothing - COWARD :LOL:

    So, hopefully that truckie has learnt something and will be a little more sensible in the future.

    For the record, I am still shaking and almost pissed my pants when I realised what I had done. I have been hit too many times by cars and almost wiped out too many times to count. I guess that was my breaking point
    Have a nice day all

  2. :) nice

    put a smile on the dial ( not because you were almost killed ! )

    have a nice day
  3. yay the skuffies back :D

    while i am the first one to say belt the prick i'll also be the first to say bad boy. i hope some poor l/p plater dont cop that truckies wrath one day. awe well such is life.
  4. With all the accidents the Netriders have been having, it's good to see that you made it through alright.

    Kudos to you for standing up for us bikers. Again, glad to see see you weren't hurt. You should count yourself lucky he hadn't just done a line or two, or you could've been a smear.

    Good for you!!

    Bikers 1 - Truckies 23,574

    Hey at least we got one!!!
  5. My 'breaking point' today is channel Ten MotoGP coverage.
    Sunday May 2nd 1pm, at the exact time that the live telecast starts for China round, Channel Ten will be replaying the Estoril round for everyone, & I think it's just the MotoGP (no 125 or 250cc) as it's only an hour.

    Then later in the day 4pm they will run the MotoGP race only from China to be followed by the 3 classes later that night 11:30pm (??).

    I don't have Foxtel.

    I get a few 4-wheeled close calls every now & again, but I might admit, there are some bikes out there that get around pretty irratically, I can't use my mirrors when I'm near other bikes, have to head check & even then some are all over the place.
    I thought the idea when riding is to hang in the right wheel track of a lane (except when you're following another bike thats already on the right-wheel-track, then you do the left-wheel-track thing), but I don't see much of it out there.
  6. This is why I'm working on a Katana holder for my little Ninja
  7. Can't say I blame ya Skuffy! That sort of disregard for someone's life is just unacceptable. Half the problem is most cagers don't even realise that a motorcycle accident is far more likely to cause serious injury than a car one. :roll:

    I agree with Marx that the MotoGP coverage on free-to-air sucks balls! Makes Monday mornings that much harder to drag my sorry arse out of bed!

    As for the right-wheel-track thing, it varies quite a bit. Basically you ride to maximise your safety buffer - the right-wheel-track when there is no traffic around (the idea being that you get a better viewing angle on side roads to the left). However, you would move over to the centre for an oncoming car, or an overtaking car. A truck might have you moving over further again.

    I'm sure y'all know this, just thought I might add it for some of those who are just starting out. Roadcraft is perhaps the most important skill in motorcycling, IMHO.
  8. Re SirSkuffy's post:

    *gulp!!!* :shock: :shock: :shock:

    (Well done, son!)
  9. Heh. I used to keep a tire iron in the boot of my Across for just that reason.
  10. Disc-lock in the back of the head always used to work well for me... 8)
  11. Ouch, you guys are dangerous.... I like that.

    OK, so when are we going to the next Harley Biker meeting and stir up some shite..... :D 8)
  12. Well done Mitch, wish I had the balls to slam on the brakes in front of a truck! :shock: :LOL:

    Man I'd love to have seen the look on the guy's face when you came storming over - priceless :D
  13. Ok, so I have 8 swords, 4 axes, multiple cricket/basball bats, AND i've been stockpiling 5ft hardened steel bars at work for some time now....

    Let's start a revolution!!! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  14. Mitch ,
    you have to join a club like the patriots or rebels etc .
    It has 2 advantages

    1. group rides cars part like the red sea being held back by (who ever it was) :D
    2. I have had a few cars play little games like that , but when you throw down the stand and they see the vest with patchs on it they dont wish to argue any more .
    sometimes they even refrain from trying too :LOL:
  15. It was pretty scary.... THinking about it now, could have been bad.

    I see your point....A bike stopping infront of a truck (not movingn that quick)... Blue smoke all over the place and what walks out of the smoke but a fat and very pissed off bike rider...... That could be quite intimidating....

    Damn glad the guy was watching the rode and not making a call or lighting a smoke...... :LOL: :cry: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  16. Wow - maybe a little crazy, but very impressive
  17. yeah I suppose we've all had moments like this - I think the term road rage is fitting.

    You actually showed restraint not busting the drivers window and going for gold.

    it takes a special breed of rider to just shake the head and keep riding on..

    A mate of mine told me a similar story about a beemer that cut him off - he went in front of it at the lights, and spent a tire on the biggest longest blackie - decorating the front of the car with sticky black stuff - the driver on the horn the whole time! He thought it was worth it... i'm not so sure.
  18. rebels are a 1%er club.
    patriots are a social club for ex serving defence force personel or are they also a 1%er club?
  19. Geeeezus Glen the mere thought of seeing you in ANY kind of vest makes me want to run in the opposite direction (hand over mouth holding back the bile) :shock:
  20. Scooter .
    The Patriots are not a 1% club, they are more like a MC in a way (it is hard to explain) see caption below from Patriots Site.
    we have the same structure and same basis but with military standards and ideals.
    We dont pretend it imitate patch clubs (1%ers ) that is why we wear a breast plate instead of a back patch .
    Serving military members are not allowed to join 1% clubs .
    however We do how ever socialise with them , attend there functions, partys and rides.