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Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' at netrider.net.au started by doonx, May 10, 2005.

  1. Just heard that John Howard has been involved with a fatal car accident. Apparently it's also to do without someone we've all grown to love ???

  2. come on, its not nice to tease :LOL:
  3. Isn't Costello taking it a bit far? :p :p :p
  4. I just heard it, fair dinkum. Will keep listening, if there's mroe I'll post it. This isn't BS, I did hear it
  5. Hang on, were there paparazzi following? Was Howard in the car with his Arab lover who's dad owns Harrods? I smell a conspiracy........

    Just as an aside, what did the doctors say about listening to those voices Doonks? As long as they don't start with "kill deyago and take his Honda" it'll be all good. :D
  6. Latest news at The Age is something about Optus broadband...... :?
  7. The "kill" bit I can understand, but the "take" bit I am struggling with.
  8. Dude, dont admit that you looked :facepalm:
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  10. Apparently Channel 7 has the exclusive
  11. strange, i checked with the abc at parli house, they confirmed he is there. unless its j howad the actor
  12. Figures

    All Saints plug right? Semantically speaking it would be the 'character' who is involved in the accident. The 'actor' could only be involved in the dramatization of a fatal accident.

    Nice bait though, had a few people looking.
  13. you a mind reader or fortune teller or sumfing

    the man just said at the third stroke it is 3.53 and 30 seconds

    is this ABOUT to happen
    or are you just hoping :twisted: :twisted:
  14. What.... There is nothing on news.com.au or theage.com.au......

    Are you sure its not John Howard the actor .... He was on Always Greener.... and I think used to be on that one on ABC... the one with Sigrid Thorntorn...

  15. Scheduled program for 9pm is All Saints. Is John Howard (the actor) in it?

    Watch it - Tuesday 10 May at 9.00pm AEST

    All Saints

    Lucy remembers her dad, Mitch, while Terri looks on, distraught

    Terri is shocked when Mitch's daughter, Lucy, and mother-in-law, Victoria, are brought in as casualties of a motor vehicle accident. Unsure of how to deal with Victoria and even less certain about her feelings for Lucy, Terri is faced with past ghosts and future responsibilities.

    The flipside of the accident reveals a family in crisis and Charlotte finds herself healing a relationship as well as a patient.

    Meanwhile, Vincent is in an unpleasant corner of his own when Beth Chandler, the woman with whom he shared a one night stand on New Years Eve, breaks into his house.

    Von is in unfamiliar territory when her niece Kerry shows up after having split with her boyfriend. Nelson takes the lead in supporting her.

    All Saints stars:

    Georgie Parker
    John Howard
    Judith McGrath
    Tammy MacIntosh
    Celia Ireland
    Alexandra Davies
    Paul Tassone
    Christopher Gabardi
    Mark Priestley
    Natalie Saleeba
    Wil Traval
  17. Why do I smell a rat???? ;)

    *edit* Ah ha! All Saints ref wasn't there when I posted. Geez Doonks, you need to get out more! *All Saints* for Pete's sake? Yeeeach!!! :-&
  18. Because you work near the Yarra :?
  19. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: