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Breaking in new tyres

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by uzz32, May 9, 2005.

  1. How do you break in new front and rear tyres? The tyre guys told me to take it easy for the first 30km or so since the tyres has a protective coating.

    Now how do I scrub the outer edge of the tyres without dropping the bike. I don't want to risk it by going around corners too quickly and sliding the bike due to the new tyres.

    Do I just swing the bike side to side like the GP guys.

  2. Just take it easy and dont do anything stupid. To get rid of the release agent on outsides of tyres, just ride along a straight road and start to weave side to side, slowly and gradually getting lower and lower, after a few minutes most of it if not all will be scrubbed off.
  3. Just don't let the cops see you weave, one bloke got booked for it.

    Just be careful, dont go scraping your knees at teh first corner.
    The heat tends to assist in the agent wearing off so no super tight twisties for the first 50-100km is advisable

  4. After a few minutes??????????
    Best to take the bike onto the freeway and let her rip up and down a few times at speed in order to get heat into the tyres.
    (It's the heat and friction combined that gets rid of that release mold stuff.)
    Then take the bike to a bendy road (Though not too bendy) and slowly get the thing lower starting off slowly obviously.
    After 100-150 kms the tyres should be scrubbed in.
  5. I've done about 150km on the new tyres, I will try to scrub the sides by weaving on the road today.

    Cheers guys/gals.
  6. The last two set of new tyres I scrubbed in using the following methods:

    1) Around Philip Island
    2) Touring Tasmania

    Both very enjoyable experiences and I didn't make friends with the tarmac. :D
  7. I just weave through some local streets, gradually getting lower - takes about 10 minutes to scrub them to about 5mm from the edges... I wouldnt try that in the wet though.
  8. or..

    You can very gently rub the sidewalls of the tyre with a very light emery cloth if you need really good grip straight away.
    Failing that, take it easy and they will bed in.