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Breaking in my new z750

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Prez, Aug 24, 2008.

  1. Damn it, I can't decide whether to follow the workshop manual


    use this method


    The latter puts up a good argument,(not that I can understand most of the technical stuff)

    can anyone here shed some light on this?

    (crap, I just realized I don't have any pics of my bike, I'm dead)
  2. Have a read of the following threads:

    1. Running the new beast in
    2. Breaking in a new bike

    There should be more around as well.

  3. congrats on the Z man. just follow the manual i broke mine in doing the right thing. though occasionally did thrash it a bit. and 1000 Ks come up really fast.

  4. +1 to mototune.
  5. Thanks for the replies, and ISCN, thanks heaps for those links.

    I can see why the manufacturers would want you to keep the new bike in low revs. If they were to recommend mototunes way, then we would have a lot more casualties on the road, with newer riders like me redlining bikes they are unfamiliar with.

    I'll have to do this 50/50 I think (as per one of those links that ISCN posted) I'll get the oil and filter changed straight away(non synthetic, general car oil?). But I just dunno if I can find the time to go out into the countryside and bag the sh1t out of it.

    on a side note. I can now see the benefits of having a nice revvy 250 in the city, you can be much more carefree with the throttle. But unfortunately the little Bandit has got to go.
  6. (non synthetic, general car oil?) :roll:
    NO car oil unless you want to damage the Z dude :shock:
    Motorcycle oil is more expensive than car oil but there are good reasons for that.
    I remember someone using car oil on their bike (when doin my Qride ) and they where left stranded on the side of the road with no drive at all :shock:
    on a bike the oil is used for both the motor and gearbox and as such is made to suit :?
    make sure if you are gonna do your own servicing get a manual and get the right gear(plus im sure some of the people here can help with advice) and spend the money, do it right and enjoy the Z its an awsome bike (almost bought one but the ex needed a milk crate to get on it :LOL: ) oh the memories
  7. No probs at all President.

    No arguments there.

    Thats why what they said to me was all off the record.

    Just remember, no snapping of the throttle & theres never no
    harm with doing regular servicing yourself instead of the 5000km
    intervals they recommend. I do mine every 1000km :wink:
  8. Ahhhhh and the debate begins again.... there are several threads at present on the topic. Why not jump into one of them and share your views.
  9. Just DON'T let the motor lug, better using higher rpm than lugging the motor.

    We used to use the 1/3 throttle with occasional 3/4 throttle talk to guys on forums about your bike and NEVER follow the service manual.

    I have over 100,000 km on a Yam FZ1 and we have checked the valves 3 times and it has never needed any adjustment and runs out 158 HP on the Dyno (some carby and airbox work and a Yoshi RS3) and after 5 years same battery and no choke needed to start on the coldest mornings.

    Talk to those that know your type of bike and get the good oil from them.

    FZ1 boys