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Breaking in my CBR125R but did honda assemble the gear box?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by drewzor, May 24, 2008.

  1. Hey everyone,
    This is my first NEW geared bike, I'm happy with the way I break in the engines but I'm having serious doubts about this CBR's gearbox.

    First off riding it onto the main road 3rd didn't feel like it click's when it goes into gear and between 5th and 6th I found nutral a few times before I realised I had to use all my force to click it in (feels like it half clicks then clunks into gear)
    Considering I can calf raise over 100kg that alot of force to slap 6th gear in!!!

    Now here is the disturbing part for me,
    Pull the clutch in and step down on the gear lever and nothing happens!
    the lever just swings with no click and no gear change.
    I have to let the clutch out just slightly and you hear "clunk", and then you can change down another 2 before it goes lose again and you have to let the clutch out a tad, then clunk!

    So summery, 3rds a ghost and 6th needs force, down changes need clutch control to engage the gear

    is this the nature of a new gear box from honda??
  2. Re: Breaking in my CBR125R but did honda assemble the gear b

    My new Honda NSR150 gearbox siezed solid after a few months of ownership and had to be replaced under warranty. It's the only Honda I've owned from new though, so YMMV. I've not had problems with the other two bikes I've owned from new (Suzuki GSXR-600 and Cagiva Mito).
  3. My CBR125 had a few false neutrals up near 5th and 6th gear but I think that was because of the way I was changing gears, you need to be precise at first, don't preload the gear lever and then make sure you hold your foot up until you are fully in the next gear before letting go.
    After the 1000km mark it was fine though. :)
  4. it will come good in time.
    let them know at the first service, and they will make any necessary adjustments.
  5. I think for sure this is clutch cable related..
    think about it, if you let the clutch out after gear is selected and it doesn't disengage by say 1% by the time you shift into 6th your 6% off target where the clutch is dropping the gear.

    Becasue mine is new I will live with it for a while but I would suggest letting the clutch out so that its fully engaged beond a doubt
  6. yeah i had the same problems, it goes away a bit after 1000k's but still you gotto use a bit of force to change gears otherwise it falls back into your last gear (sucks at high revs).
  7. Re: Breaking in my CBR125R but did honda assemble the gear b

    Are you still moving at the speed for that gear, while trying to change down?

    If so, you must make your change as soon as you pull in the clutch.

    If you are stopped and the gears won't change, that is normal on a sequential shift motorcycle gearbox. You have to use the technique you described, or switch off the engine (when stopped).

    Trick is to always change down while still moving - even then you will often have to let the clutch out between gears if you are moving slowly.

    All the best

    Trevor G

    PS The issue you describe is not clutch cable related. You neeed to move the lever firmly ands smartly from one gear to the next, without stamping or stabbing.