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Breaking in C50, any tips or caveats?

Discussion in 'Cruisers' at netrider.net.au started by Firefly, Dec 3, 2008.

  1. Hi guys,

    Just got my second bike after a large hiatus from my VL250 (my L bike).

    I've RTFM and that, but I wonder if some old hands have some different ideas on the break in period. Only have 100k's on the clock atm, and am running commute in SE Melbourne into the city.

    Thanks! :cool:
  2. Do stay off the freeway.

    Don't lug the engine.

    Do vary your revs.

    Do let it warm up properly.

    Do stay out of bumper to bumper traffic.

    Don't baby it.

    Do take it for a nice long ride in the hills

    Do look at your manual.

  3. Now, warnings first - I do what I do to my own stuff, use what I say as information, not gospel. I aint gunna be responsible if you mess it up!

    The enemy of a new engine is heat from friction. The new parts have to wear in, so the highs get rubbed off. While this is happening - the engine gets a lot hotter, a lot quicker!
    The engine also needs to be extended thru the entire rev range to make sure this happens at all places in the bore.
    It needs to happen in short bursts - reach the rev required, hold then back off. Cooling needs to be applied, which is gentle running between bursts.
    The worst thing you can do to a new engine is drone down the freeway at a constant speed, in the one gear.
    Having said that - you only need to be brutal in short bursts - dont just be brutal all the time - that will also kill it.

    When I was building my own race engines, a run in may have even been sustained high revs in the pits, but we tore em down every 4-5 hrs of running. You wont do that with a road engine .

    Best advice is to ride it like you would when it IS broken in - different speeds - plenty of accelerating - and ignore the change up speeds in the handbook - they will have you changing gears at 1500 rpm. 3000 rpm is pretty much the minimum on reality. With modern bore coatings - the tolerances are so much better than the good old days - you will not need to baby it too much at all.

    But you will notice a huge difference betwen 0 and 1000 klms, and a bigger difference at 10,000 klms, when it is properly bedded in.
  4. Took it on the mystery ride today. I think that went well for it.
  5. Hi Firefly,

    Just follow the manual and half throttle for how ever long they say, then start to work the engine more. Mine did not really start to open up until after 6k service, now very sweet and responsive to ride. Hope to meet you soon, cannot get to MR at the moment as work is full on. Have been taking my sons as pillion on Tuesday learner rides, come down and we can rant about how good the C50 is.

    Or PM me and we can go for a ride.
  6. Just ride it ..

    Dont flog it, dont load the engine up and fluctuate your revs if on the freeway.

    Best place to run em in is through the twisties, everything gets a work out at a nice gentle pace. :grin:

    Then get the baffles out of the exhausts and fit a K&N air filter. :twisted:
  7. ride it like you stole it! :wink:

    na seriously, read the manual.
  8. +1 the K&N filter and free up the exhaust.