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breaking in boots

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by davesta, Feb 6, 2006.

  1. Heeey, i just got some boots off ebay, they are alpinestars gp pros. They are just a little tight around the toes, but have enough room around the heels. I wouldnt say they are painful but they are a little tight. I am wearing them all the time around the house and stuff, i was just wondering if anybody knows a way to break them in quickly. A friend said to stuff them full of damp newspaper? hmm.. Thanx in advance

  2. You could put the newspaper in a plastic bag..(and inside the boots)
  3. Yeah, to me it sounds a bit dodgy having wet stuff in leather boots? But hey someone correct me
  4. Dood, leave them out in the sun for a bit so they get really really hot then put them on and walk around.

    The leather will get supple enough to stretch easily :)
  5. Correct me if i'm wrong but when i used to get leather boots i used to polish them heaps, or use dubbin. That would soften them up, and wearing them heaps is good.

    Getting them wet is not a good idea, because when they dry the natural oils will leave. I have heard of people getting leather boots wet and putting them on and the leather drying and moulding to their feet. But then the leather becomes hard and abrasive.

    But let us know how you go, i've just got a new pair of Gaernes to wear in.
  6. I have a pair of these as well, albeit several years old and whilst they were great from the start, I am not entirely sure what you can do apart from housebreak them. The uppers on mine anyway are not leather but Lorica, which I think is a different thing. Maybe putting them in the sun will help. But they were never designed as walking boots. Having said all that being a girlie I know all about getting about in ridiculously uncomfortable shoes and there are a couple of shoe stretching products on the market. How they may deal with Lorica I don't know but Waproo make one http://www.waproo.com.au/products/stretch.htm as do I think Tuxan and Meltonian(?). Perhaps it might be worth a shot. A good shoe repairer will carry such things.

  7. That Waproo stuff is da bomb babeeeeee

    Well, at least it was for dress shoes. Don't know how it will go on thicker leather.
  8. Hmm, well i have a car with leather seats and have a few different leather conditioners, so i might try and rub some of those in and see if it helps. Not much sun right now, so i might even really gently apply some heat with a hairdryer or something and see how thats goes, or look at those stretching products but i'll post my results here... thanx
  9. good idea on the leather conditioners. and just keep wearing them as uch as possible..
  10. VOTE 1: Hairdryer. Does the job well. I did my boots, pants and my scalp :LOL:
  11. Hey just thought i'd post an update, rubbed leather conditoner all over them twice and apart from making them look brand new they have stretched out a little, so a couple more weeks and they should be comfy as. Thanks
  12. Davesta, Good to hear. Nothing worse than having uncomfy feet - it can make you very grumpy!
  13. Hi guys an gals

    when doing time in the army, they told us to soak our (Leather) boots GP's in water overnight then put on 2 pairs of thick socks and the boots then just wear them till tyey are dry. They mold to your fot in under a day and also have a little space due to the 2 pairs of socks. After they are waorn in just polish and condition them and have fun. I know that after doing this i used my boots on 10Klm marches and no blister or bad effects at all.

    Hope this helps
  14. I have these boots [waterproof/goretx version] and about 1,000kms of riding has broken them in very nicely.

    Oh BTW I would NOT use dubbin etc on mine as they are Goretex lined and dubbin will block the holes in the Goretex destroying one of the main benefits of Goretex ie they breath. :wink:
  15. Stuffing wet newspaper inside the shoes does not ruin the leather at all. I use this technique when I buy new high heeled leather shoes and they turn out great without ruining the look.

    As for my Alpinestars, I just wore them in short spurts until they became comfortable. I hated them when I first bought them, but now, they fit like a glove :grin:
  16. Hmmmm, you must have wierd shape feet? :wink:
  17. :LOL: In perfect shape to kick your backside with :wink: :LOL:
  18. OK, who is she "boots"
  19. A bath full of water from the hot tap only..... chuck the boots in, leave for 2 hours, take boots out. allow to dry overnight (not in sun) , with paper towel stuck in them. When outside is dry, rub a tiny amount of dubbin into leather parts of the boots so as to not clog the pores of gortex bits.
    Wear around for a couple of days and voi' la.

    Nice supply boots.
    Used to do it on all my GP's and will do it as soon as I pick up my alpines tomorrow.