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Breaking in a new motorcycle...

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by Dna82, Feb 12, 2013.

  1. First of all my apologies if this topic has been brought up before, but, I have had varying opinions on what is the best way to break in your new motorcycle. The manufacturers recommendations say not to rev over 4000rpm! So if anyone can shed some light on this I would be rather grateful! I'll even nod your post!!!

  2. Search "motoman"

    Google him too.
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  3. I would follow the manual, some people say "hard break-ins" are the best, But this could cause catastrophic damage to the engine. Depending on the bike, your service technician will be able to determine if you have not broken in the engine correctly and void your warranty.

    So the best way would be: The one that doesn't void your warranty.
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  4. Forget the 4000rpm limit. Just ride it normally, forgetting about the fact that it is brand new. Don't ride it like you stole it and dont baby it either it will be fine!
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  5. motors are all basically the same, they don't like have there tits rang out , and they don't like being in the wrong gear and over loaded. as Craig says.

    conservative normal riding is the go without getting worried about absolute 4000 rpm.
    varying revs are much better, no babying and no high reves
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  6. Thanks guys!
  7. they usually get tested before leaving the factory and they definitely go over 4000rpm there so i would forget staying under that. just vary the revs as said previously and hit your service intervals
  8. Like robsalvv said, Motoman is the answer. Get on it hard and early.
  9. I'd use the same motto as i used with my car, drive it like you stole it.
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  10. But I did steal it.... Right after I paid for it lol
  11. ever driven the same version of a car? ever driven the same version of a mbike?

    the ones that were babied from day one......dont feel 'right'

    My yamaha dealer (waverunner i bought in 2007) told me when referring to running in HIS R1, that after the first oil change....that he will give it an absolute canning' (or words to that effect)

    i dont believe in thrashing a new motor, but definately work it hard.
  12. I run bikes in according to the manual. There's more than the rings being bedded in.
  13. On modern engines, not really. Running in is largely a thing of the past with laser cut metals. Some risk analyst demands it is put in manuals of cars and bikes. Both bike and car feel pretty much identical to day they were bought.
  14. When. I bought the vstrom, the dealer said to not keep the revs at the same point for the first few hundred k's. The trip home was 450 kms, so his advice? Enjoy the ride and give it a good blatt every now and then.
  15. My mate is a bike mechanic. He says the best way is a hard break in. Your going to put more force on the piston rings, and get a tighter seal against the bore. Either that or a soft break in and do NOT open it up. If you do a 50/50 break in, You will end up with issues. One of the other. Companys just tell you a soft break in for warranty purposes and so they dont have to dish out money because they are tight asses.
  16. I'll be doing a break in soon enough. Would you mind being a little more specific as to what you mean by hard and soft? I just want to make sure I understand.
  17. I've heard a million reasons for and against each way. The guys at the dealer I bought my bike from just said to ride it normally, don't worry about the 4k rpm maximum & just vary the rpm. Don't baby it & don't thrash it either.
  18. The guys at the dealer told me to not worry about the limit but don't thrash it either, to vary the revs when cruising and to warm it up not necessarily a long time just about the time it takes to start it then put my gear on.
  19. Yep, vary the revs is important. I've also heard it should be run long enough to get properly warm, running temp on each ride for the first few hundred k's.