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Breaking In a New Bike - I'm Confused :(

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by IgnisDraconis, Apr 26, 2008.

  1. G'day all,

    I'm fairly new to this forum, having just got the new 250 Ninja - which I am confused about how to go about breaking in.

    The booklet says 4,000rpms for 0-800kn, 5,000rpms 800-1600.

    The dealer has advised me to ride the posted speed limits but ease through the gears, i.e. travel at 100km in top gear with, say, 8-9000rpms. He also said not to keep it as lo as 5-6,000 going up hill.

    Can anyone help me out or point me in the rights direction - I don't want to break it, its so nice and new!
  2. 1: Keep away from upper rev limit
    2: Vary speed/revs ( ie do not sit on the same RPM for too long )
    3: Load the bike every now and again ( full throttle from say 2,000-5,000rpm) ie snap throttle @ 2,000
    4: Avoid prolonged idling and prolonged use of choke
  3. as long as your not revving the tits off the bike you will be fine, don't be harsh with the throttle gentle roll ons, working up through the box vary your revs
    there is no clear cut way to bed an engine in, the book is the dealers method, unfortunately with those new 250r's it has you sitting under the speed limit on the open road

    oh and check you inbox :LOL:
  4. Thanks for your input guys, I'm still a little unsure though. As a VERY rough guide, for a bike of this calibre, what speed ranges would equate to 1st, 2nd etc gears on a flat road - just to get something of an idea.
    Also are you both inferring that up around 10,000 or so, well short of the red zone, is ok as long as i ease into it; sitting on 6,000 can only go so fast - ie 70km in 6th! Presumably I can rev it a bit more in the lower gears and not religiously stay beneath 6,000?

    Thanks heaps for your advice once again

    PS this is the first manual vehicle I have driven/rode, thus my questions may sound a bit dumb-ass
  5. can't help with what speeds you will be doing at what revs sorry, but if you make it to tilleys in lyneham for a coffee night another rider that goes has one, but he isn't a member of this forum
  6. Hey mate,

    I've been through the run in period on the new ninja250, the first 200-500kms I took fairly lightly winding up to the 6k rpm mark when running through the gears, unless I needed to go faster, then went as high as 8k rpm but only in 6th gear.

    500-900kms started working it up to the 8k rpm mark in the lower gears and letting it open up to about 10k rpm the closer I got to 800kms

    at 960kms I had the first service done and then wound it up to the 13k rpm and she screams between 10-13k rpm.
  7. Thanks mate, thats just what I was after. Just to expand on that, going up to 6,000 to change through 1-6 but, given this gets a max speed of 70ish, amping it up to 8,000 in 6th when in an 80-100 zone? It feels starnge to being doing 6,000rpms in 5th at 50 kms/hr but seemingly thats the go
  8. just break it in the same as you would ride it any other day.
  9. you will get your own feeling of when to do what on the bike, my method was based on the fact that it was my first bike, so as my confidence grew a bit I pushed the bike a bit more.

    As long as you roll on with the throttle you'll be right.
  10. ride it like you stole it.