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Breaking in a bike with a dyno (in melbourne)

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by undii, Apr 15, 2006.

  1. Im toying with the idea of breaking in the daytona 675 on a dyno as I may still be in a cast when it arrives. Lots of others have at http://www.triumph675.net so I'll use info from them. I was wondering prices/locations on where such a thing can take place.

    Any suggestions/comments etc? And I live at Richmond.
  2. I wonder if you could do it at Dynowerks, up FTG way.
    There's also Dynobike down Nepean Hwy way.
    It's an interesting idea.
    Incidentally, I'm breaking in a new bike atm and the mechanics made mention of the notion that the suspension will also be broken in during running in. (I was toying with the idea of after market suspension, but they suggested waiting, partly to see how it felt after running it in and partly as S Cramer has the parts on back order.) This may not occur to the same degree on a dyno.
  3. I would go the normal way of having the bike actually ridden for the first 1000, this break in period is designed so wear does occur and for new parts to settle.
    Any pre delivery work not done properly will show up in this first period.
    On a dyno your simply getting the motor going, the brakes wont wear in, the bike itself wont be subject to any load, its not ideal, heres a list of what my bike needed at the first 1000-
    Replace engine oil & filter
    Inspect oil lines & brake system for leaks
    Inspect & clean air filter
    Inspect & check pressures & tread on tyres
    Check tightness wheel spokes
    Replace transmission lubricant
    Check clutch adjustment
    Check primary chain adjustment
    Inspect, adjust rear belt drive and sprockets
    Check, adjust, & lubricate throttle, brake, enrichener & clutch controls
    Inspect & lubricate stand
    Inspect for leaks all fuel valve, lines, & fittings
    Clean fuel tank filler screen
    Check levels & condition of brake fluid
    Inspect for wear brake pads & discs
    Inspect spark plugs
    Check operation electrical equipment & switches
    Check & adjust engine idle speed
    Adjust steering head bearings
    Inspect shockers
    Check tightness critical fasteners
  4. I'll break it in for you. :grin:
  5. Stew,

    somehow I don't think pinning the throttle wide open and getting the pegs down everywhere is a recommended Truimph running in procedure. :p

  6. Nah, I'll be good to it. Heck, I'll run it in for him properly over the space of 2 days.
  7. Why not just wait until your out of the cast and run it in yourself?
  8. As I said, Im toying with the idea. Just seeing peoples pros and cons about in. Everything with the use of my arm is up in the air at moment so Im just checking out available options,

  9. Jase has a good point. This is a time for you to get used to your new bike. There should be no rush. Enjoy the run in period getting to know the new 675. By the way, I have had first hand experience of one of these flying past me on track at P.I. and I NEED to have one :)

  10. Yeah, he passed me too while I was still warming my tyres up, so I chased him down and returned the favor. ;)

    He was definitely quicker than I through Siberia, but then again, everyone is quicker than me through Siberia...

    Very nice bike though. Would love to own one, hence the offer to run it in for undii.
  11. I would brake in the bike with some good olf fashon riding... just take it gently follow the instructions... An engine is propely broken in after 5000-10,000 km any way... some biger bore bikes don't produce their %100 power till 30,000km!! (ZX12R is one)
  12. since u mention this is actually quite funny i found my bike feeling better and better its done now 6000k and it feels awsome
    was thinking of the ZX12R as my next bike..
  13. the big r series bmw's aren't run in until they stop using oil - this is often around the 30-40,000km mark according to the adv gs riders.
  14. Ohh so true.....but the gearbox is only properly run in around the time the motor needs it's first re-ring, circa 300,000 k's.
  15. Yeah great idear :shock: NOT better to ride it yourself when you can :grin: I mean is there a hurry to run it in?? if so im sure theres plenty of takers,not me though i am alergic to other brands of bikes if it doesnt start with a K its all yours :grin: