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Breaking credit cards

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, Sep 23, 2014.

  1. Like most blokes I carry all my important stuff in a wallet which I carry in my hip pocket. And, of course sitting on it all the time cracks any cards: I end up replacing my EFTPOS card twice a year. Does anyone know of a way of carrying a credit card in a normal wallet without it cracking all the time?

  2. Put your wallet in your jacket pocket?

    Otherwise clean out your wallet & discard (or at least put aside anything you havent used for 6 months.
  3. I've taken to carrying it in my side pocket more often, rather than my arse pocket. It's better for you back and security that way too.
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  4. Same, side pocket, never back pocket, traveled in Asia too much to fall for that one.
  5. Yep, front pocket, traveled in Europe and the pick pockets are amazing.
  6. How do you even sit on your wallet? That sounds uncomfortable.
  7. Not everyone's wallet is as thick as yours smilee :)
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  8. Who puts their wallet in their back pocket??

    side pocket/jacket pocket all day erryday.
  9. Do you wear a jacket al day, every day? I wear pants all day, every day.....
  10. You're going to have to buy me a drink before you start with the dirty talk.
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  11. front pocket/side pocket OR jacket pocket.

    and yes i wear pants all day erryday i don't always have my wallet in my pocket though would get annoying, sitting on your wallet would be uncomfortable.

    and on the bike id be scared it would fly out and id never see it again.
  12. Side pocket of your pants ya wally :)
  13. The problem is not on the bike; there I carry my wallet in my small top box. And I've made strenuous efforts over the years to pare down the amount of stuff I carry in my wallet. At present it stands at one driver's licence, one debit card, one credit card, one Medicare card, one club membership card, and my Medibank Private card. I rarely have cash because I use EFTPOS for virtually everything. So my wallet isn't thick, and sitting down I don't notice it. But it DOES get bent when I'm sitting, and that's where the problem comes in. (As for worrying about pick-pockets in Bangkok, since I'm never going to be there, or anywhere else overseas, that's not high on my list of concerns.)

    I'm going to try making a light, thin aluminium holder and see how it goes, otherwise, I guess having to replace the card twice a year is no big deal, really....
  14. I've tried that, not trying to be obtuse, but it I find it uncomfortable with the other stuff in my pocket, and, really, the wallet gets just as bent out of shape in a side pocket as it does in my hip pocket, in my experience..
  15. So, let me get this straight, I just spent a portion of my dwindling time on earth telling you where to put your wallet and you'd made up your mind to leave it where it is. Sheesh.
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  16. Far be it from me to fill your remaining moments with misery and despair, I'll try it in my side pocket again. Put the phone down, you won't need that re-prescription of tranquilisers!
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  17. how much crap do you carry in your pockets that you don't have room?

    maybe you need to purchase a murse.

    all i carry in my pocket most days is phone and wallet.
  18. Putting your wallet in your back pocket and sitting on it can lead to back and hip problems. Don't do it.
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  19. Umm, this surprises you?
  20. I don't :bag: