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Breaking all the rules GS500F

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Alasdair86, Oct 4, 2011.

  1. Well folks, after trawling these forums and deliberating for over 2 years about getting a bike, I've gone and done it.

    Was getting all my kit before the bike and just needed some Kevlar jeans so I popped into one of the dealerships in Brighton. I'd heard they'd just traded a GS500F, and I was considering a GS500 so I had a squiz.

    Didn't have jeans in my size but I had a look around the bike, sat on it, checked there were no leaky or scratched bits, asked how much, and thought, fuggit, let's just do it. It needed a new battery and there were three missing bits on the steering head, but it sounded okay (started on the charger - ominous much?) and

    So I put down a 500 deposit on the bike, will pay the balance tomorrow or thursday, and will pick it up on friday or saturday, hopefully with time to wobble down to the learners saturday morning in Elwood if it's running this weekend and say hi. (and learn to ride, as haven't done since getting my L's at the end of July. Will do my bestest not to die before then.

    Breaking the rules then:

    1) Don't by the first bike you see (well I've seen and sat on a few, but not with the money to buy them if that counts)

    2) Don't get a faired bike (was after a GS500 because I generally prefer nekkids, ; loved the buy a piece of sh*t post, the other bike I was seriously considering was a CB250 but will do some freewaying and am something of a windsock - 6.1, 94kgs)

    3) Test ride a few (prefer to drop it when I own it)

    Pics to follow, and we'll see how this works out. I'm banking on 'Awesomely' because spontaneity usually works pretty well for me.

    (Oh yeah. 2009 GS500F, 26500kms, rego until June 2012, $5250 rideaway, (with new battery!) (pretty happy about that as had $7000 budget and I already have my helmet (Shoei XR1100), Boots, gloves and jacket) and insurance was only $368 fully comp. That said, I never had any accidents, speeding tickets etc in the 7 years I've had my car license so that helped.

    Can't wait. Traffic get ready etc.

  2. You got ripped bro.
  3. Well dude you've picked a great bike to learn on. Some might argue this but they aren't a toy bike. They're a proper full size bike that you can really learn to ride on well as well as being practical as hell. Wait until you discover the fuel range. You'll never have it this good again.

    "First bike needs to be a shitter because you'll crash it" Bugger it! The GS500's are built like a tank. If you drop it, pick it up, dust it off and be on your merry way. Just put some duct tape on the fairing until you can get it repaired :)

    Hey I did the same thing too. I bought the first bike I looked at. I don't regret it. I wouldn't have found another one that brought me as much fun *and tears* as my Aprilia RS125.

    Happy motorcycling and stay safe :)
  4. You want those bolts at the steering head replaced, pronto!

    Good choice of model. Not sure if you bought a good example or not ...

    That battery may need to be charged, or it may need to be changed.
  5. I learned on a GS500. it's that good i decided to keep it, even after going on my fulls! It has a good fuel range, it is easy to maneuvre at slow speeds for commuting and filtering through traffic, it has a nice wide seat for a pillion, and it also a good burst of acceleration to have fun with. also it is a cheaper bike so i'm not so worrying about scratches and theft when i park in public. so i think it is a great all rounder and you have made a good choice.

    my only criticism would be the front brake is a bit weak. i am keep trying to practice my emergency stops so i can know the limits of it.
  6. Congrats Alas... happy riding :)
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  7. Agreed and don't forget the obligatory squeaky rear brake (used to drive Julia mad with that). When I traded up to the D675 I couldn't believe the difference in braking power between the two bikes. (My ol' one was a black 2009 K9 model with about 23,000km on it when I upgraded.)
  8. Replace the front brakes with the brakes from a hyabusa then you will have no complaints
  9. Well I picked up the bike today. Was so apprehensive this week leading up to today, but by chance saw a youtube video of Joey Dunlop doing his thing this morning which reminded me how awesome bikes are. And dad called and said he'd give me a lift to go pick it up and spot me while I was finding my feet (having not ridden since getting my L's 3 months ago). Thanks dad.

    Turned out, apart from having trouble finding neutral and seriously wanting a gear position indicator (as well as forgetting to turn off my blinkers a few times), have done over 100 kays today. The GS500F is so easy to ride, much easier than the Daelim Roadwin 125 that I did the L's test on. Had a burble around the dealership in Brighton for about ten minutes, then dad said, why not drive to Warrandyte (where he lives)? Why not - straight into traffic on the Nepean Hwy, and everyone seeing the L and giving me plenty of space (thanks traffic!) and about 40 minutes later we were in Warrandyte having gone via Springvale rd in slowish traffic (60-75 kph). I had to do an emergency stop in on the way but no issues as had the brake lever covered. Might've almost rang into a light pole doing a slow turn, but am not gonna forget to look where you want to go rather than at the corner again!

    Sat down at Dads house for about 20 minutes watching TV with my little brother, then decided to get a disc-lock. Off to Ringwood, little brother behind in my old car which I sold to him. More fun, got back, one guy beeped me when I couldn't find first gear at the lights but that was it.

    Then decided to get an iced coffee and some petrol from 7-11 in Templestowe. Fit a bit awkwardly in my jacket but stayed there. Even got a little rain on the way back to Warrandyte.

    Loving the biker nod thing everyone did.

    Tonight it's back home to St Kilda East for some night and freeway practice.

    Feeling confident, feeling comfortable, love the feel of the air coming in under the visor.
  10. And here are some pics:

    Attached Files:

  11. Alasdair, my gs500 used to do a similar thing finding 1st and if it's the same reason as mine, common with many gear boxes.
    But without going into any technical reasons why, if you find getting into gear is hard, as you're pressing the gear lever, slowly, but not all the way, release your clutch and you may find the gear slips in....

    This can happen if while stopping, you haven't step geared down and bring the bike to a stop.
    Then you may need to do this clutch thing on all the gears down back to 1st.

    Enjoy the riding journey....

    EDIT: Ah photos brings back 32,000k of memories....
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  12. Awesome looking bike, I love it, I might sound like a broken record but for $5250 I would snap this bike up instantly, if I was allowed to ride it.
  13. Good stuff man.
    its an awesome bike and you got it at a pretty good price too.
    I have a 2005 GS500F and absolutely love it. I have had it since Dec last year and like a few of the other guys said it is a full size bike. i have been riding with guys on much larger bikes and havent been too far behind them. I even did an advanced riding course at Eastern Creek the other day and was overtaking much larger bikes

    Enjoy it man, its a great bike
  14. Nice looking bike Alasdair, enjoy it, and hope to see you at Saturday morning learner's practice mate...