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breakfast radio

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by simon varley, Oct 14, 2008.

  1. why does evey single radio station have to have the same formulaic crap in the morning. I'm not averse to a bit of comic banter in between the music but the thick-as-shit presenters all the stations have are nauseating, and the talk overwhelms what little music they can be bothered to play.

    I normally listen to the ipod in the mornings but it's broken at the moment so today I channel hopped all the way in to work. Please, please, please can someone recommend a decent breakfast show in the melbourne/geelong region

  2. I listen to Nova, but background helps to understand some of the jokes... Sounds like you need to switch to AM band :p
  3. +1 to Nova Hughsy and Kate rock!
  4. If you expect to be either reliably informed, or entertained, by morning radio, you really need to adjust significantly your expectations :LOL:.
  5. Well I have always listened to JJJ coz I hate that "Once stop shop for classic rock" bullshit where you go and "meet Dan in the black thunder summer cruiser for chance to w-w-win TWENTY bucks and a sunhaaaaat".

    Seriously. Anyway but now Robbie, Mareek and the Doctor are on in the mornings and they are just...okay. They are growing on me and they are better than the commercial station...but still just okay.

    JJJ have had quite good breakfast presenter at times (Mikey Robins and Paul MacDermott, etc) but in general I think the afternoon shifts are a bit better on any radio station.

    You could podcast a station that you find online, or sometimes I download audio books *cough* geek *cough*. The last ones I did were the Red Dwarf books *cough* double geek *cough*.

    EDIT: Oh wait your iPod's broken. Ah well. Suck it up get 13 10 60 ready on that speed dial my friend.
  6. Has anyone ever done a radio station with just music (and occasional ads of course). Seems to me DJs or announcers, whatever they call themselves, are an UNnecessary evil. Doesnt matter how funny they are initially they all get tiresome with the daily grind.
  7. There are but two choices if you want something other than classical on FM in Melbourne.

    RRR 102.7

    PBS 106.7

    ALL other FM stations play formulaic, lowest common denominator sh!te over and over and over and over and over.
  8. Ugh...Hughsy...his voice is like nails on a blackboard. As for Kate, I believe the OP already specified a distaste for "thick-as-shit" presenters so she's out as well.
  9. I tend to listen more to 3AW these days. It's demographic is the older market but it can be interesting.

    I used to be a diehard ABC listener, but I got tired of the conservative nature of the org and the boring topics that the presenters used to, well, present. I'm not into the arts, so listening to Jon Faine's conversation hour talking to snobs about poetry, books or whatever, turned me off.

    At least with Neil Mitchell and Derryn Hinch they give you something to laugh at, particularly when they get into on-air slanging matches with derros...
  10. Adam Spencer, ABC 702AM.
  11. If you want news and information and not opinion, then NewsRadio on 1026AM (Melb and Geelong) is the answer.

    Aus FM is just boring.

    Sometimes listen to Virgin/Absolute from the UK, now that's a funny breakfast show. And their old evening show with Jeff was hilarious, especially the 'Drunk Vs Stoned' segment (quiz show between someone who was stoned and someone who was drunk).
  12. ah morning radio.

    the sound of presenters all laughing at their own jokes...
  13. Between Triple J and 774 mainly. Breakfast/drive shows generally give me the shits. I miss Adam and Will though, treehugging hippies just aren't the same....
  14. :sick: :sick: :jerk: :jerk: :jerk: :busting: :busting: :busting: :furious: :furious: :jerk: :jerk: :blah: :sick: :busting: :busting:

  15. To remind me why I spent $$$ on a kickarse mp3 player.
  16. I miss "the cage" from MMM.

    Its 1026 AM and Ipod for me these days.
  17. Hughsy is crap

  18. OMG I totally agree!!! Morning radio sucks!!! They just talk and talk, no music, and their conversations aren't exactly intellegent or stimulating!! Instead, they love to prank call people, and make stupid jokes. I usually listen to CD's now as I get totally bored with morning radio. My other half likes to listen to Vega, which has it's good & bad moments, but at least they play music!!
  19. thanks for the replies guys - looks like the best bet might be to change band not just frequency! Or even better get the ipod fixed/replaced. I've been working my way through the Harry Potter books read by Stephen Fry and can recommend them if you're into audiobooks.

    As an (ex) pom I confess I've got Virgin playing through the internet most days at home - the UK breakfast shows aren't perfect but at least my brains don't usually end up dribbling out of my ears.....
  20. complete agreement here. most people dont realise that most of the big australian bands started on JJ and then continued through JJJ.