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breakfast, lunch stops on Hume Highway

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Dr_Bootman, Jun 6, 2014.

  1. Hi all,

    Could somebody recommend me nice places for breakfast and lunch on Hume Highway ?
    I am planning a trip to Melbourne tomorrow and back on Monday.

    Any additional suggestions about good fuel stations and other things would be nice to hear too!

  2. Long track cafe @ Jugiong is ok. Something different from maccas!
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  3. Seriously, why the hume?

    Coast road has access to plenty of good detours, well worth a day extra for the journey.
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  4. If you're coming down the Hume, you could try the bakery at Holbrook.
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  5. Nice places to eat on the Hume? Don't bother! That road's a waste of a day, so you might as well just slam down some quick and easy junk food at a servo when you fill up.

    BTW: please don't forget to start a thread to introduce yourself in the "welcome/birthday" area: the regulars don't like it when people rock up and start asking questions without introducing themselves. ;)
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  6. The Cafe at Jugiong is good as is the bakery at Holbrook.

    It's been very long time but in Glenrowan (not the shrine of the clown) there is/was a couple of nice cafes.
  7. Hi all again,
    sorry for the delay )
    I want to say thank you to all helpful suggestions.

    coffee, cake and submarine... it was a nice pit-stop. Thanks mate!

    yep, it was my second choice to save time, thanks!
    BTW: created short topic in welcome area )

    I just had 3 free days of long weekend, next time it will be definitely the coast road.

    short report:
    Sydney->Melbourne; 2 nights in Melbourne; Melbourne->Sydney
    I did it on GW250

    I leaved Sydney at 5 am on Saturday. It was REALLY cold near Yass. I decided to leave Melbourne later to ride during the day.
    the road was nice in general, just a couple of showers. the same is a true for a back trip.

    I was limited by my green plate to 100 km/h, so the trip could be faster in other conditions.
    I didn't expect higher fuel consumption of my moped on a highway and it was my fault.
    I usually have about 3.5 in city, on a motorway it was about 4.2. it was a cause to make additional stops for filling the tank.

    thanks all and enjoy a ride
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